Wednesday, March 14, 2018

{Recipes}: Vegan Sweet Potato Gnocci

I decided to start posting the recipes I make, here on my blog! Unless stated, these are not my recipes, and I will include the links. I went Vegan (again) at the start of the year, and since then I have been experimenting with some great recipes that I find on Instagram and other sites. I will showcase them here!

Below is a yummy 2 ingredient recipe from the website Savory Tooth for Sweet Potato Gnocci. I added some extra ingredients (onion slices, garlic, and red pepper flakes)  when pan frying the Gnocci in Earth Balance vegan butter. It turned out AMAZING. The taste is phenomenal.

This recipe was SO easy to make. It took about 10 mins to roll and cut the gnocci pieces, but let me tell you, it was WORTH it. Comment below if you end up making this recipe!



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