Sunday, December 10, 2017

Weihnachtsmarkt, Gluhwein, German Courses, S N O W!

It's Christmas in Germany! I have officially been in Germany for 3 months now! The weather is amazing, it's snowing almost every week, and the holiday cheer is in the air. I finally have somewhat of a schedule now, which those of you who know me know is very important for me! Monday-Friday is basically the kids time. I have a short break in the morning and then it's kids kids kids until evening. Sometimes I am at home with them, sometimes I bring them to sports, or a friends, or English lessons etc.

Tuesday's and Thursday's I have my German lessons, which I absolutely love! After class sometimes I will hang out in Aschaffenburg where I have my classes. Saturday's and Sunday's I have free, and since I have made new friends up here in Hessen, it's nice to get out and hang out with them.

Lately, I have been hitting up all the Christmas markets. They are awesome vendor filled markets in the middle of the city's town square. Bigger cities like Frankfurt have bigger markets. I actually have found that I like the smaller ones better! They sell German holiday food, desserts and Gluhwein, the traditional German mulled wine. I get the Kinder Punsch, which is Alcohol frei and is SO good! My friend Mariah who doesn't drink either also prefers it.

SO many cookies!!!
St. Nickolaus has visited

I have been making an effort to plan more trips around Europe, and a few of my friends and I are heading to Prague next month. Next week I am headed to Vienna for a friend's concert. I am still obsessed with solo travel, and am staying in a female hostel room for the first time! I will definitely let you all know how it goes.

My next few posts will probably be in the form of a vlog, but I may summarize them here as well. For now, everyone enjoy the holidays!



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