Friday, December 23, 2016

Some of the BEST winter dates!

Well, as we all know, "cuffing season" is well upon us. For those of you out there who's date night ideas have run dry, I have compiled a few that might be able to spice up your life :)

1. Take a spur of the moment weekend vacation

Weekend trips do not have to be expensive. Set aside some money, plan a destination, and DRIVE! With awesome resources like AirBnB, you can find *clean* rooms, cheaper than a motel! Seriously folks, if you haven't tried AirBnB you are missing out. 


2. Rent a car

via Turo

via Turo

There is this awesome new-ish company called Turo, that allows normal people (like you) to rent out their cars. To locate a car, you simply enter your pickup destination on the app or website, and you are given a generous selection of cars ranging from practical to extreme luxury in the area. The best part? They deliver the vehicle to you! I checked out a few options, and the prices per day are not bad at all! They are also far cheaper than most car rental companies I have checked over the years. Besides all of this, it is a very environmentally conscious company; people who choose not to own cars can rent them as needed! So, how does this factor into my date night scenario?? Well, go rent a nice car (affordably), and use the money saved for travel fun! 

3. Ice Skating 

via Depot Minneapolis Website
The town I grew up in has several parks which make ice rinks during the winter months which are completely free, and nice for cheap fun dates! If you are wanting something a little bit more upscale, there are many cities with indoor or outdoor rinks that you can skate on through the winter. Grab a cup of cider or cocoa and hit the rink! (I will say, that if you have never skated on ice before, it can take a bit to get used to and might not be too romantic ending up with bruises all over your rear end the next day!)

via Gallivan Events Center website

4. Art night

Head over to a ceramic painting shop, Art studio for some studio time, or swing by an Art museum! There is nothing like Art to get my heart pumping! If you are heading to a large Art museum, make it a two day date night. You can't possibly take it all in, in one day! Check on Groupon for discounts at Art studios and coupons for painting shops. Art museum tickets can get pricey, so take advantage of midweek discount days. Also head over to the theatre for a good play or musical! Sometimes you can get a last minute deal on tickets. Hamilton is coming to Phoenix next year and I am over the freaking MOON.
Image result for art museum photos phoenix
Phoenix Art Museum. I volunteer here! It is pretty neat.
Via Scottsdale Real Estate Group

5. Foodie night

Go to a food truck roundup (very popular in Utah!), or just hit some new restaurants in town! Although it is getting colder in the northern states, food trucks are still out and about down here in Phoenix, if you know where to look! If going out isn't your thing, you can have a cooking night; each of you choose a few items, create a menu, and cook it together! Set up a table in a place you normally wouldn't eat, or make it romantic with candles and twinkle lights!

Image result for food truck roundup
Via Google
6. Humane Society trip

Image result for humane society of minnesota
This one is not for the faint of heart. I repeat, if you have an obsession with pets do NOT go! :) Just kidding, they need love, head on over. You and your boo can cuddle some cute kitties or snuggle some rabbits at the Humane society or a pet shelter. Especially around Christmas time, when people are given pets they really can't keep, it is nice to head over there and bring some relief. You can even volunteer together if that sounds fun! It is free, and they need the help and attention, being cooped up all day. Go early in the evening, as they tend to close around 8 PM. 

Image result for humane society of minnesota
both pictures c/o

Well that's my short but sweet list of fun things to do this winter with your loved one! If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment below :)



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