Thursday, October 27, 2016

Finns in MN!

Whew it has been a minute. I have not had any recently crazy fun adventures, which is probably why I haven't posted!

I had a chance to meet up with an old friend from Arizona this summer and it was great! He had a super long layover in MN and we decided to make the best of it! He served his LDS Church mission in Finland, and since we were in MN where there is an abundance of Scandinavian culture, he wanted to try to find a Finnish restaurant. I took him around all the local sights (downtown and near the Mississippi River) and we also stopped for dinner at this amazing Finnish restaurant we found on Como ave in St. Paul. It was to die for!

I had never tried Finnish food before, and it was amazing and very flavorful just as Gemma and Aksel had told me (Gemma is my old roommate and close friend, and Aksel is her husband who is from Finland).

Now, I am getting ready to move yet again, this time, more permanently. Still out west. I will be there for a while, or at least until I am done with school which is still going well!

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