Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Green juice and succulents.

I love succulents. They are so cute, low maintenance and somehow an all natural mood enhancer. I don't know, for me at least they always brighten my day.

My first succulent plant was left to me by a prior roommate; I just sort of hung onto it. I killed the second one I had....and replaced it with 3 mini ones from Harmon's. They have super super cheap mini plants there. If you haven't been, I would recommend going to add some desk agriculture to your office space. 

So far I have these three little beauties:

Two succulents and one little fern.

Things that I have learned about succulents since having them: 

-they WILL die if you don't water them. It is a myth that you don't need to water succulents. Cacti are a different story. These little buddies still need water. You will see their petals start withering up and falling off if you don't water them. I water them when the dirt gets crumbly and more no less.

-pick off any dead petals. Just like regular flowers you don't want to keep them attached to the healthy plant. It keeps the healthy part of the plant from absorbing nutrients.

-pot them in a pretty mini-pot. They will dry out a lot faster in their original plastic planter.

I DIY-d this planter container out of an old candle and some yarn. I just crocheted around the jar.

It's really that easy! 

Craft and plant away, everyone. 



UPDATE: the love fern has started to die. Sad day indeed.

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