Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Furry friends galore

I never grew up with pets. I was simply not allowed to have them. I begged BEGGED for pets growing up to no avail. I came really close one year when I was younger (and they thought I had diabetes). I came so close that year out of pity I think.. Anyways I clearly made it out of that DISASTER. And no dog. So I begged and begged and then I found out I could get a goldfish for my birthday! Got the tank, supplies, everything! But no fish. Oh yeah same with my hermit crabs. I finally threw the tank away a few years ago.

she loves my back rubs with my foot.

So anyways like I have said I have never owned a pet. I have always held a strong love for animals and waited for the day I was an adult and I could get a pet of my own. I got Claire this last year and she has been fun! Very interesting but still fun. She's got some issues but I still love her. And then yesterday I was walking through my apartment complex and I found a little kitty who was cold and wet outside and she was crying! She was tugging at my little heart strings so I had her follow me home, she saw my dog in her kennel and got skittish but quickly got over it when she saw food and water.

The sweet cat only wanted snuggles and love, never hissed or scratched at me and was very kind. No physical signs of abuse and only slightly underweight was an indication to me that she might have a family that is looking for her. I ended up calling animal control to see if she had a home. They came and I was hoping she wasn't a stray. She had a clipped ear which I hadn't noticed which according to them is an indication that she is a stray. But then the field officer decided to scan her for a microchip and realized that she DID have one!

I asked what the standard procedure  was and they said that if she hadn't been claimed by Saturday that I could come and get her. I seriously hope they don't come and get her because she was an angel and I would love to have her sweet spirit in my life! Even if it means I'm that much closer to becoming a crazy cat lady, it's ok. :)

Just look at her cute little face!! 



This adorable cat is a MALE!
I found him on the SLC Animal Shelter Site; I guess they updated it with his picture!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ooh baby BABY! Happy New Year!

Whew!! What a day,

I just spent the last few hours babysitting a wonderfully sweet little boy. Earlier this year I started a little babysitting business and it has really taken off here in Salt Lake City! The amount of referrals I have been getting lately is insane and I am not complaining! The families have been super nice. There's nothing better than loving on babies and hanging out with kids on the weekend. As much as I love it, I don't think I would do it full time again (I used to work in childcare).

So far, the new year is going great, complete with a new years kiss that I PROMISED I would get. No one thought I was going to do it but I totally did. Yep. Kissed a stranger. At a church dance at midnight. Don't worry, it was consensual haha!

As for resolutions, I don't believe in them. But I want to try to blog more (my form of journaling) and to be more adventurous...whatever that means. :)




Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy Holidays!

So it’s the holiday season! Again. I went out to Arizona for a much needed vacay with mi padre. It was nice to be in AZ and have a change in scenery. I simply hate staying in one place too long! Those of you who know me know how very true this is! It is FINALLY snowing in Utah! We got our first bit of good snow a few weeks ago and it was splendid. I am definitely enjoying the cool weather; it’s really not that cold out so I don’t mind at allllll.

Gosh, it’s been a minute since I have posted. yikes.

I have been busy with work and also babysitting and also Netflix. Lot’s of Netflix.

via Google

I moved out of my old apartment and into my own little place! I love it so. Still figuring out what to do with the decor; trying out the whole "minimalist style" right now i.e. I don't have any real decor. Hah! Working on it slowly; I'm one of those people who LOVES to mix and match patters.                                            
In the past years I have celebrated Hanukkah; I didn't even get a chance to REALLY do that either, besides singing some songs and following a ton of trendy Jewish mommy blogs on Instagram. Mainly because there is a SUPREME lack of Jewish roots here (whereas in MN we have quite a community and it is easier to find Hanukkah stuffs). I did promise my boss Hanukkah cookies though haha (he is Jewish!). 

-I spent time this year contemplating the year, the Savior, and all he has done for me. 
-I wished all of my friends a Merry Christmas so I wouldn't be deemed a "Scrooge" since I didn't really celebrate Christmas that much.
-I went and saw the Temple lights (both in SLC and in Mesa)

Mesa Temple Navity.

Mesa Temple 

loving the sun. but it is actually frigid.

My Uncle. He is one of my
ABSOLUTE favorites. Men in my family
NEVER smile! :)

Mesa Temple

Uncle's Dog. My cousin breeds pitbulls!
They are ADORABLE and SO sweet.
Rare photo of my dad

I had the BEST Chinese food out west at Lin's Buffet in Phoenix on Christmas Day. It was SO GOOD (you should try it folks. Chinese on Christmas isn't just for Jews! It's amaaaazing and actually super fun!); The place was huge but packed and lines were out the door.

I have a 2 small plate MAX;
 him not so much.

I had a wonderful time.
Maybe next year, CRUISE on Christmas!!!

Until next time,

Happy Holidays ya filthy animals!