Tuesday, October 6, 2015

{Uber VS Lyft}: My take on the apps!

Two weeks ago, Lyft sent me an email offering me $5 off my first 10 rides. I've been using Uber and have been super pleased with the service, but this was a deal I couldn't pass up! Since I don't drive, I have to be creative in how I get around, sometimes. I often times don't mind not driving, especially since I live in the city, work close to home, and have grocery stores/malls/movie theaters accessible by foot/trax. I consider it a blessing that I'm independent enough to be able to get around this bustling city alone without a car, or help if needed. That's more than I can say for many people my age and older. 

(Lyft shows Rider's photo, which I do appreciate)

For those who don't know what Lyft/Uber is, it is a car service that is available to anyone who has a smart phone. The user downloads the app and requests a Lyft or Uber ride by dropping their location for the driver. The drivers are normal people, most of which have normal day jobs. I've come across a lot of retired drivers during the day and mid 20's early 30's age drivers during the afternoon and evening. It is really nice for people who don't drive, but who need to get around at different times during the day. It's much more affordable than a cab, and because it's getting increasingly popular in metropolitan areas, most drivers can get to you in under 5 minutes of requesting a ride.

I tried Lyft out for a few days since I usually take Uber home from work. The Uber fare is normally around $4-$5, making it affordable. I ride the bus in the mornings, but after work riding home means I have to walk UP a huge ginormous hill to get to my home in downtown SLC. The nice thing about it is that because I live downtown in the free fare zone, bus fare is free regardless of the time of day. So if we calculated how much I'm saving it would look something like this:

$4-5 per day for Uber transportation from home
× 5 Rides per week
= $25 a week on comfortable transportation (including to and from work).
So over all, I'm spending  $25 a WEEK on transportation. About the same amount I would pay in normal bus fare. (Sometimes I splurge and go crazy with Uber on the weekends which can drive the budget up a bit).

Now, when you compare the two experiences I've had with the two services, Uber wins BY FAR. 

Here's why:

Lyft on numerous occasions gave an estimated "driver ETA", which almost 99% of the time turned out to be FAR longer of a wait than what was estimated. 3 minute ETA's easily turned into 15 minute ETA's which is just bad representation on the companies behalf. Uber is 100% accurate with their driver ETA, no joke. Longest wait for me has been 6 mins.

I went to request rides and on numerous occasions there were no drivers available. With Uber, there are always drivers available and if they are low on drivers the price simply increases in increments.

Uber is considerably cheaper than Lyft, at least here in Utah.
The reviews don't lie. Uber is just a better ride deal and a better company. Lyft has the potential to get there eventually, with time and changes to their app. I DO like that Lyft gives the option to Tip your driver during the review after the ride. I think that is awesome and Uber should get on board with that.
That's my spin on Uber and Lyft. Happy Riding, y'all!



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