Friday, October 9, 2015

{Recipe}:Homemade Dog Food!

So, as you have probably realized, I got a lil' dog! She is partly a therapy dog, and partly a "just for fun dog". You can read more about her here! I realized pretty quickly that I wanted to feed her food that I could A) pronounce, and B) eat myself.

I found this awesome chart of foods that are "dog safe" and ran with it:

sorry it's so small!

I normally stick with assorted veggies, and a meat. Sometimes I will sprinkle some Purina dog food in (a few tablespoons) for "crunch". So far I have found that this combo is PERFECT. I mixed in some Scottish oats into the first batch of food I made because most people use oats or rice as a binding. I realized that she doesn't really need it though, home girl eats it ALL.

Her favorite combos:

-scrambled eggs
-shredded poached turkey

-poached shredded turkey
-veggies (carrots, peas, spinach)

-ground beef
-veggies (carrots, peas, spinach)

She loves all of them equally! The cost isn't bad's about .25 cents a meal!! SAY WHAT?! Yeah. I'm good.

Just prepare,


And serve!

Voila. you're done!

Trust me..your fur babies will LOVE it.

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