Monday, July 13, 2015

Weddings Galore! My thoughts on going "off registry" for gifts.

Since we are smack dab in the middle of wedding season, I thought this post was appropriate. With all of the weddings that have been happening lately, I have been forced to get creative with my wedding gifts. To be honest, I would much rather give money. Money for the couple to use to get started,  to go on their honeymoon etc. I know some people who have chosen to do this instead, and it worked quite well for them. I also know so many people who registered for gifts (very expensive gifts) that they could have easily gotten at a thriftstore, or on Ebay. Now, this isn't a judgement on them, but wouldn't you rather just be honest and request funds (or gift cards) instead of useless baking/household items that won't get used? Do people REALLY need 10 different mixing bowls?!? I'd say I bake a fair amount, and I have never used more than 5 in one day. I know some people return the gifts that they get and use the money, but I just think that's kind of ridiculous. Then again I'm very blunt and will probably just ask for donations.

Regardless, I have tried my best to get useful gifts for people without breaking the bank. Often times, for me that means going off-registry for a gift (Now, before you look at me cross eyed, no, I did not make them a birdhouse like Phyllis from The Office, so lovingly did for Jim and Pam).
For my wedding gifts this season, I actually went more practical. Nice hand soap and hand towels. Why you ask? Well, after talking about it months ago with one of my best friends who is getting married in 2 weeks, she told me what she was REALLY wanting. No, surprisingly it's not a kitchen-aid mixer (which she is already getting, and is actually quite happy about it). It's cleaning supplies. A lot of people don't realize that once you move into a place you will have to clean it out, and the supplies can be expensive for a young new couple. Things like a broom, swiffer, dish soap, sponges, that's stuff that is overlooked but still needed.

So I went on the practical side and got them something that they will always need (even if they already have it) yet that is still personable. I chose a scent that was neither too feminine or too masculine, Moonlight Path. It didn't hurt that I got both gifts on clearance. Wrap it up nice with a bow and you have yourself a gift!

So far when asking people, I've gotten good feedback on that gift of choice. What are your thoughts on going off-registry for wedding gifts??

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