Thursday, July 16, 2015

Scentsy Solutions!

**DISCLAIMER: this post is not meant to bash Scentsy or Scentsy's products, because for the most part they are great! The thoughts below are simply my personal views on an easy solution that I have had issues with!**

Have you ever bought a candle and after a few uses it's completely useless? As in it is burning, but you can no longer smell it's deliciousness??? Well. That happened to me one too many times. So from Candles, I switched to Scentsy warmers and wax cubes. But I could never really find the scents that I loved. To be honest they were far too expensive for how long they lasted and the scents were cheap smelling and gave me a major headache. I like natural scents from pure 100% essential oils (lavender is my absolute favorite!) and if not natural, the candles that I buy are high quality and smell GOOD. I have had a few people on Instagram ask me for solutions to this, and so I decided to write a post dedicated to the topic!

Now, I absolutely LOVE Scentsy warmers! They work great, are so adorable and clean up easily. So what I have found is this: by placing my candle of choice (or wax pieces) on top of my Scentsy warmer,  I can utilize the warming aspect of the candle (getting longer lasting stronger scent) without having to light it which uses it up so much faster.

Exhibit A:

candle is from Bath and Body Works.

You guys it is so easy!! Also, if the candle is pretty tall/large, you can light the candle and also place the candle on the warmer to melt the wax faster.

Also, I went to the Bath and Bodyworks sale and they were having a MASSIVE 75% blowout sale. It is over now, but when the next one happens, you all need to go check it out, it's INSANE.

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