Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blessed Honored Pioneer!

Happy Belated Pioneer Day!

For those of you who DON'T live in UT, this past Friday, June 24th was Pioneer Day. What is Pioneer day, you ask?? Well it is a huge Mormon holiday, commemorating the fact that the LDS Pioneers made it to Utah. For the Jack Mormons and non LDS folks here it is commonly known as "Pie and Beer" day, and they use it as an excuse to drink and get sloshed. Gag. So for all of the people celebrating the actual Pioneer day, it starts earrrrrly in the morning, with a ton of parades! It carries on throughout the day, ending with firework shows, and musical concerts in various parks across the state. Most people in Utah get the whole day off of work for this! Stores close down, and everything.

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It is literally bigger than the Fourth of July here.. no kidding! Last year, I can't remember what I did last year for Pioneer day, but I remember hearing about it for the first time and being so surprised at how huge it was, and the fact that I had NEVER heard about it until moving here.

So what did I do?? I went to work, because I love my job sosososososo much! Hah. JK. But I really do love my job. Especially because they like to psych us out with emails like the one they sent us at about 10 AM that day. It went along the lines of:

"We need you to work overtime tonight, until 7 PM. But then you can have Saturday and Sunday off..
JK you can all leave at 2 PM." 

It was pretty Rad!

Haha my bosses are literally the best. So a friend from work and I left early, went to trusty Trader Joe's, and picked up stuff for our awesome BBQ! We had about 15 people there, and y'all. When I tell you they smoked the ribs from like 10 AM until we ate them at like 8, I'm NOT kidding. They were fall off of the bone good. So tender. So juicy. The BEST ribs I've had in my LIFE. I'm kicking myself for not taking more pics, but unfortunately my phone is being really stupid, and won't allow me to save any pictures that I take. I've got corrupt files, everyone!! I was lucky enough though to snag this one of us, pre-food baby impregnation.  See how happy and light we all look!? We were bumps on a log after eating. At least I was. haha

yes, I have gorgeous friends yes yes. 

So that was my pioneer day 2015! Woods Cross had some AWESOME fireworks BTW! They were pretty great, and that's coming from me, I'm normally not a fireworks gal!

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