Monday, July 20, 2015

25 by 25! An update of my 21 x 21.

If you remember two years ago, I had a list I had made called 21 by 21. It had 21 things that I wanted to have accomplished by the time I'm 21. Well as you can see below, I got through quite a few of those things, but a lot of them didn't happen! Being that I'm a pretty adventurous person (in most aspects) I decided that I would continue the list for 4 more years and see what happens! So! Here is my 25 by 25:

-Go skinny dipping
-Hit 2,000 blog views (on both blogs)
-Travel to Temple Square, Nauvoo and other church history locations
-Go to a Temple Dedication (I think the Gilbert Temple is going to be dedicated soon!)
-Find a good gluten free bread recipe that actually works.
-Get my drivers' license and buy a moped or :0 SO, I have a scooter, but not the license..Am trying to sell it though!
-Find the perfect vintage dress
-Get my LMT degree! I decided against this! 
-Share my testimony with a stranger*
-Watch a live BYU Vocal Point Preformance
-Become fluent in Spanish and ASL. (and french, and German, and Portuguese and like every other language)
-Reach my goal size without bulking up.
-Go Canyoneering :0 NEVER. Why did I think this was a good idea???
-Hike a Mountain in Arizona and Utah (not in the same day of course) I did both! Mt. Timpanogos (hiked part of it) and a small "hill" in Arizona. I can't call it a mountain since I moved to Utah and see real mountains every day!

-Get a puppy
-See General Conference in the conference center in Salt Lake twice now!
-Run a 5k Ain't no way that is happening. I wouldn't dare try. 
-Become more like Christ. This is definitely an on going one. 
-Strengthen my relationship with my family.
-Get out of the "friend zone" with guys. Not so cool at my age. Seriously, this is stillllll happening. 
-Go backpacking for a week (or longer) and "rough it."
-leave the country and travel
-Make Temple attendance a regular thing. 
-Go out to a fancy restaurant and order a 5 course meal.
-Take a long road trip.
-Attend Institute more regularly.
-Find a new hobby.
-Move into my own place.

 The bolded items are new additions and the crossed out items are things that I have already done/changed my mind on! If you have any other suggestions, add it to the comments below!



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