Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hey, Mormon Girl!: Book of Mormon in 100 days? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!

Wow. Excuse me while I go get a can of oil to unhinge my fingers. It has been FAR too long since I have had a post on either sites. Sadly, blogger is being a buzz kill, and removed my blog URL from cyberspace. The only way I will get it back is by paying $290.

c/o Google images

SO, I will be writing all future posts on this site, combined! I will add a page specifically for "Hey, Mormon Girl!"posts as well, so look up on the top for that! Golly, you must be thinking: what HAS she been doing these past months?? Where do I begin??

I moved. I got a new job. I got a Bunny. I got a Scooter. I made some new friends. Well, lots of new friends, actually. I started going to the SINGLES ward again (more on that later though). Planning a trip back home(s) to Arizona and Minnesota. Gotta love divorce, am I right?? Am taking classes this semester! The list goes ON! You know me, I'm always on the go!! I'll hit on all of these and then OBVI the main reason for this post, in a bit.

New house!! I now reside in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, in a lovely triplex, a mere 5 blocks north of where I was previously. I finally have my OWN room, a full sized bed (thank HEAVENS), and sane roommates. This was a long time coming folks. A long time coming. The best part, in my opinion. Is the view. is the view. It overlooks the East side of Salt Lake City. Everyone who comes over is always in awe of the view; It's pretty great. Exhibit A:

c/o Gemma's IG 

c/o Gemma's IG 

I mean, really! 
Speaking of Gemma, who took these wonderful photos, she has moved to Helsinki, Finland to marry her true love! He is a wonderful guy, I am so glad they found each other 3 years ago. LUCKILY, they are moving back in August so that they can finish school! YUS. Before she left though, she hooked me up with some awesome friends of her's in the ward, and hanging out with them has been a blast, to say the least. I am so sad that she left, but I am so incredibly happy for her. I got to spend a lot of time with her before she left (we were even roommates again for a bit) and she even came with me to get my bunny! Her name is Delilah. She's the cutest little babe ever, yet slightly Schizophrenic. Not even kidding...

Gemma walking Delilah.
I can't get over the cute leash!!!

My new job. I think I hit on this a bit before, but if not, I now work downtown SLC, a 4 minute drive from my house (literally). I work for a Durable Medical Equipment company that provides patients who are in need of CPAP supplies to get them at very low cost or no cost at all. What I love about working for this company is that we as a whole are making a difference in people's lives. Plus, my my coworkers are AWESOME, my bosses are great, and I get to  work with Ryan (one of the missionaries who gave me the lessons). Also, food truck Thursday outside, every week. HELLO awesome. 

I often times just ride the bus, because that means FREE. I like free. I'm a poor college student. But I also can park at my school for free and take Trax, so I have done that as well. It just depends on the day! My new whip. A Christmas present to myself. Of sorts. 

She is a beauty, isn't she?? She runs great at 150 CC's, has a trunk AND under seat storage. We got into a little fall, and her mirror broke off (and headlight dislodged) but it is now attached with duct tape, awaiting a repair from my awesome neighbor who knows everything about motorcycles and scooters. And she has the most darling little horn. 

So, I had been going to my family ward next to my house since January. I was quite frankly over the whole singles ward scene. SO. I started going to my family ward, and loved it! Then I got a calling in the Primary and was ecstatic. Then, I moved. And my roommates were sort of kind of investigating the church, and taking the discussions. They aren't anymore, which is sad but what can you do about it, right? Either way, I was going to the Singles ward with them, and with Gemma, but have since decided to go on back to the family ward! I will probably go to FHE or YSA church every now and then (because it is a GREAT ward, truly. And I don't say that lightly) but for now, Sunday's I will be at the family ward!

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SO SCHOOL. I'm taking ONE class. Again. Except this time I actually like the teacher. It's going well, and I am taking a breather before next semester, when I will have to go to school full-time. One step closer to my dream!

So, speaking of Spiritual things, I am writing this when I should be getting ready for Church. My singles ward has begun an 100 day Book of Mormon reading challenge. It is called Red5. By reading 5 pages a day, you can read through the entire book of Mormon in 100 days. Now, my roommates at one point were even doing it. But can I just be completely honest and say that this challenge has blessed my life SO much so far? I will be the first to admit (and have openly in the past) that I am not the greatest at remembering to study my scriptures, but I can honestly say that this challenge has helped so much. I remember last year was my first time reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover. I rushed through it, wanting to finish to say that I finished, only picking up on little tid-bits here and there, not really paying attention to what I was reading. This time around is so different. I am noticing so much more, learning so much more, and feeling so much more. I can feel a peace within myself since I have started reading more frequently as well. For example: 

Friday morning, I went outside to notice that my scooter had been stolen. From right in front of my house. I paused, and moved on, just like that. Everyone around me was telling me to file a police report, do this and that, and yet, I just was at peace with it. My beautiful red scooter. I realized that I had so much to be grateful for. Honestly. I have great friends, a home, and a job. What more do I need? Luckily, it was a prank. I still have NO clue who did it, but I haven't completely ruled out the boys down the street, since it was "found" in their back yard. Whoever did it (if they didn't) was a close friend, because they knew that we are close friends with them. Which narrows it down to 3 people..Regardless. Life is so good. I am so grateful that we have this awesome Gospel, and these AMAZING Scriptures. 

Ok. I reallllly need to go get ready for church. 

Until next time, friends.