Wednesday, February 18, 2015

UPDATES and New Starts!!

First off, here's an OFFICIAL Happy New Year! I have been so busy lately!! I have been working hard (and am just so great full!) and just living life! This year has already been so great for me. January has been awesome! February is going SWIMMINGLY! So if you read my other blog and read my recent post, you will have seen that I mentioned a little something about...WEIGHTLOSS! Really, over all fitness. So, here's the run down.

In December, I bought 3 canisters of herbalife shakes as a Christmas gift to myself, and did herbalife for about a week after it arrived.  I found that I HATE the powdered tea (it's nasty in my opinion and doesn't taste like tea, also it is not herbal as advertised, it's green and black tea) so I won't be drinking that! Also I love food! So I was craving food to eat! When I snacked it was healthy, so it was mostly ok.

Since that time, I haven't had any more of the shakes. I started my Whole30 on January 3rd and have since lost 10 pounds. For those who don't know what Whole30 is, look here (browse the sections, tons of recipes)! And here! And Here for inspiration! ALSO, Instagram has been a HUGE motivator. I love seeing other Whole30'ers come together. I started Jan-Feb, and during that time did not eat any wheat, sugar, processed foods, or dairy. I took a break (am still eating healthily, just not as regimented) and restarted on the 15th, this week.

My excercise routine (right now) is pathetic. Even though I have a Vasa fitness membership,  I haven't been able to go in months because they closed the location nearest to me which really ticked me off. Let's NOT get started on them. The upside though is that between work and if I have errands, I walk about 60 mins a day (just to get to and from trax to work) and I burn about 300 calories for that. It's not much but it's been enough that I'm losing weight with my low calorie, healthy diet.

So why am I doing this? Because this year is all about me making healthy, daring, exciting changes that will make my life even more full in the long run! I feel GREAT! I have more energy than ever since I've started eating right. It wasn't that I was eating horribly, it's that I have more control now over my diet. Also, every girl wants to feel fit and attractive! I love my curves and would NEVER want them to disappear, but there's a difference between curves and rolls. Some girls have pictures of stick thin women with wash board abs as their "fitspiration". Me? This is my "curvespiration":

Joan. Freaking. Holloway. For those who don't know me, I am a huge fan of all things vintage. SO, shows like Mad Men have me absolutely captivated. They had it all right back then. Except for the part where they hated brown people...

She's a fox, right?? I'd choose this over a stick any day. I loveee my curves. It's all about toning up for me! I carry my weight really well, but home girl has got to get toned up! This is the mini start to my journey. I'll keep you updated if anything drastic happens. I hope this will nudge some people into joining in on the fun with me!



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