Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Today was a pretttty successful day! I hung out with a pal, and did a TON of Christmas cookie baking! What better way to spend this gorgeous, white and wintry day than to bake some cookies!? 
So, I started Herbalife this past week (more on that later) but I still had this overwhelming urge to bake some yummy holiday cookies for neighbors and coworkers! For those of you uber healthy health nuts, these are some great cookies to give away as gifts! Let me tell you..there is nothing like getting some "vegan no bake coconut cacao cookies" as a nice gesture. I mean this in the kindest way: Those are great as snacks, but they are NOT cookies!! I's not like you are eating like 30 of em' at once..haha...Anyways! Point is that when I make baked goods for people, I make them according to THEIR tastes and eating preferences! A cookie is a cookie :)

So! Now for the recipes! The first one (pictured above) is a yummy version of this recipe that I found on this blog. The author of this blog is witty, and so hilarious by the way. She's the muse for some of my many recipes that I try! Instead of Cookie Butter, I used Nutella (duh). I have used Cookie Butter way to much lately, and have missed my sweet, glorious Nutella! I have included some pictures of the steps that I took to get the final yummy product. By the way, these cookies were all taste tested and approved by some honest friends!

The recipe is super simple, and only requires crescent rolls, spread of choice (Biscoff or Nutella), and some icing.

                                                                        Spread out your Nutella on your flattened crescent rolls. 


After rolling, refrigerate for an hour.

Slice, and bake on 350* for 12 minutes! 

Voila!!! You're done. Drizzle with icing, and you are set!

My next batch was an attempted imitation of a cookie I have come to love. Sodalicious has this amaaazing cookie called the "love child". I found this recipe on Pinterest and decided that it might come close! The directions are on the website, and are super easy!

crummy picture, but they are deeelish!

The next one is just plain simple. Ritz crackers, condensed sweetened milk, toffee bits, and cream cheese frosting. That's IT! Oh so simple, and oh so good. They are in bar form, but they are ridiculous. Got this recipe from Pinterest as well! (OBVI).

Next one is my version of this yummy cookie, Salted caramel thumbprint cookies. I used two different recipes...For the cookie base, I used this Averie Cooks recipe, and for the inspiration, I used this recipe that I found on Pinterest! Mainly because I ran out of butter..and this recipe required coconut oil, which I had! 

One thing about drizzling chocolate...You CAN'T get it drizzle ready without coconut or vegetable oil to thin it out. I was left with globs of chocolate. Normally I would care, but at this point, what the heck!

This Christmas wasn't the best because I wasn't home, but it was still Christmas! I got the one single thing that I really wanted..A White Christmas!

When I woke up this morning, it was actually snowing! The weather app didn't actually lie! 
Regardless of what you celebrate, whether it's Hannukah (which I didn't actually celebrate this year), Christmas, or something else, I hope it's been a great one! 

Until later, 



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