Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm Back!

Well. I'm back! I can't believe I was out of the loop for this long. I have been so busy since I moved to Utah, it's unbelievable. I've been working a ton, and also have started school this semester, which naturally means I have no life. I've been known to skip a few classes to get a breath of fresh air and a much needed break! So, what have I been doing over these past 3 or so months since my last post?? I've been meeting new people, visiting some pretty awesome places, and seeing some pretty awesome things! Also, to take a little faith pause, I have been incredibly blessed. Now, since moving to Salt Lake City,  I've started working at a new Clinic, moved to a new apartment, and met some pretty awesome folks! I guess for the sake of time,  I can just show you what I've been up to, because who doesn't like pictures, right?

Here are my top adventures:

Mandy and Ryan's wedding! 

I met Mandy through Arianne (she's her cousin!) and have known Ryan since they both started dating this summer. They tied the knot on October 25th and it was a simply wonderful wedding! The ceremony was beautiful, the decor was superb and the food was tasty! 

horrible pic of me, but I love these two!

The Girls! :)

pure bliss.

I don't like cake, but OH so cute. 

it looked magical with the lighting!

Dog sitting for friends:

Let me tell you. That week was incredibly busy, but I had a great time watching Khrissy and Justin's pooch, Lex. Not to mention I got to stay in their gorgeous apartment in the avenues for an entire week. It was bliss! Isn't he a stud?

Also, they came back engaged! He proposed on the top of the Empire State building. So romantic!

New roommates. Making new friends but keeping the old:

This is Gemma. She is freaking amazing. I moved into my apartment thinking all was lost the first day, and then I started getting attached to this Italian chica! I wasn't so crazy about my other two roommates, but Gemma is awesome. She had just gotten back from her mission a month before, and started at the U that week. Crazy right? Talk about good with transitions. But real talk, she has lived in Sweden,  finland, and the UK ALONE and is so fun to talk to. We clicked instantly! Sadly, she moved out a month ago, but to my excitement I got another awesome addition! Meet Mos! She's from Thailand and is the nicest person ever! She calls me her sister (she comes from a house full of brothers at home) and I am so honored. We have fun. ALSO, she knows my friend Alex from MN through some awesome connections in DC! Small world, right,

with the sister's at the ward Halloween party!

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yes. we love cookie butter.
And Trader

Mos! She's the classiest gal I know.

Missionary friends:
I just love my friends I've met who served in the Minneapolis Minnesota Misssion and ALSO Tempe, AZ. I love that I live so close to them and get to hang out with them when I can! Especially Jamie, who's a Gem. Katherine got back and we got to hang out last weekend, which was a hoot! I'm waiting for Marissa and Sister Smith now!

it's like old times! 

Real talk, I've been having the time of my life. It hasn't been all daisy's and cupcakes, but it's been a ride. I'm excited to share more exciting things that have been happening, and I'm so glad to be back. It's just the crazy life of a Mormon Girl. Bye for now!



Hey all you Belle's! Look who's back!

Ah, the blog world. I'm back! Never in my life have I been more happy to be a Northern Belle. I am so proud of my Minnesotan heritage, especially being here where it seems like everyone is the same in one way or another. I think it is partially because I am a tiddly bit home sick, but eh. Who knows!
Life has been BUSY! But, of course, I have made time for fun, friends, concerts

Coral Bones, my latest muse!

 and yummy yummy food. And also, Scandal. Lot's and lots of Scandal. My new apartment is a dream! Brand new stainless steel appliances, including an AWESOME oven, which means...MORE BAKING for me! I have tried some wicked awesome recipes lately, such as caramelized bacon sweet potato bake, spaghetti squash and meatballs:

it's SO much better than it looks.
and it looks pretty darn good!

and lots of yummy desserts, just to name a few. Fall just wouldn't be Fall without yummy Fall food! Pumpkin, Squash, baked goods, they all make their way on my plate during this time of the year. Also, the first Red Cup from Starbucks was spotted about a week ago which means it's almost time for Christmas drinks!!! I found out while I was in Target. Speaking of Target, I can't believe they are already setting up Christmas stuff! I just think it's so funny to see Christmas stuff when it's still so warm outside! Everyon'e says Christmass

Life here in Salt Lake City is just peachy. The scene here is very interesting. You have your LDS population, and then you have the "far from it", everyone else. I have friends on both ends of the spectrum and I love it that way! Just a word to the wise though, Tinder out here in SLC is a complete BUST. Just don't do it.

What a stand up guy. Hah. #nothanks

So, what other shenanigans have I been getting myself into, besides work and school? Party planning! I am throwing a party next weekend, just for fun, because YOLO! We are having delicious food, great treats, and hopefully (based on the people I've invited, which is pretty much everyone I know) great laughs! Of course, as we get closer, I will share my recipes and ideas. I'm super stoked.

So, what has everyone been up to?! Share your favorite fall activities in the comments below!

Later Belles!