Tuesday, June 24, 2014

{Fashion}: Saltwater Sandals

This summer I've been trying lots of new things. Moving to a new state" hanging out with new people, trying new foods etc. But I found a new pair of shoes that I was told I had to try!

Saltwater Sandals by the Hoy company are water ready leather sandals that work for everyone. They start out a little tight, but as you wearing them the leather forms more around your foot. They even recommend putting them in water to ease up the leather. So when I first saw Saltwater sandals I was all about em'. It wasn't until I moved out here to Provo and my roomates both had pairs that I felt like I really should try them out! So I was impulsive and bought 2 pair off of eBay. I was all about it! I bought one red pair and one tan pair, but I was an idiot and accidentally had the tan pair sent to my home in Minnesota. So I started wearing the red ones and LOVE THEM. I just bought a navy pair last week and love them just as much.

I honestly can't find any cons of these shoes. Some great things about them though:

·they fit my wide feet! They literally fit so well, and are made for those with either wide or narrow toe boxes. They WILL feel a bit snug when you first put them on but they WILL stretch out as you wear them!
·they stay nice in water! They are called Saltwater sandals after all.
·you can slip them on if you need to, you don't need to unbuckle the strap EVERY time.
·they are UBER comfortable.
·they are relatively affordable! $39.99 per pair.

I got mine on eBay from an authorized retailer, but if you can find a store thst sells them near you, it might be Bette so that you can try them on. They are UK sizes, so if you buy a 6, you're getting an 8W. People, im telling you, these are the shoes of the summer. Go find a pair today!!

Have a good week :)


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