Sunday, May 25, 2014

Beauty Review: Glymed

So much to my chagrin, I was talking to one of the Aesthetician's at work who is very knowledgeable about skin care who let it slip that the Murad products that we sell probably aren't the best products for your skin. Now, since they are even being sold at Ulta and Sephora, they are available for anyone to go out and purchase. This not only lessens the professional grade of the products but also makes you realize that they probably aren't the BEST products out there that you could be using. Now, don't get me wrong, there are still some Murad products that I am a huge fan of that I feel work incredibly well. But then there are some that are obviously just "buffer" products (products with a lot of unnecessary ingredients with no real purpose to cheapen the product). Murad is still incredibly expensive too!

Skin care is something that I am passionate about. I always grew up with great skin. It was my one and only feature I liked. I didn't really start wearing makeup until High School, which I regret because it ruined my skin. It gave me a few minor blemishes that I am still trying to get rid of to this day. Now though, I recognize that a little makeup goes a long way, and that when you purchase the right skin care products you REALLY don't need that much. The right skin care products might be a little bit more expensive, but if they work better, aren't they worth it?

I'm trying to get to the point where I don't need ANY make up at all. Every barn looks better with a fresh coat of paint, but some times, a barn just needs a new foundation. GlymedPlus is a professional Aesthetic company based in Orem, UT which provides licensed Aestheticians with professional grade products. I know a few great Aestheticians (one of whom actually works at GlymedPlus) who love the GlymedPlus products, so I pawed through the catalog and picked a few out:

(from left to right): Gentle Facial Wash
Anti-aging exfoliant masque
 chocolate/acai masque
SPF30 Day cream
So the Gentle Facial Wash is really like it says: It's gentle yet powerful and effective. It has 10% glycolic acid in it, which acts as an exfoliant, really lifting the dirt and makeup out of my pores, yet it honestly feels just like cetaphil. It doesn't foam up or anything, but your skin feels so clean afterwards!!

The anti aging masque is AWESOME. It's creamy and has little granules in it that take out all of the dead skin. It smells just like black licorice and has age fighting properties in it that you can feel!

The chocolate mask is my FAVE. It's uber moisturizing and smells just like hot cocoa! It dries pretty quick but when you wash it off after about 10 mins, your skin is SO soft. If

Guys, I'm obsessed. I had one compliment the day after I started using it (not to brag or anything, but it just means that it is actually working!!) I honestly don't care what people think I look like, I care what I look like. Which is why I am willing to spend a little extra on skin care products. At the end of the day, I'm not walking around with makeup on every hour. I want to be able to let my face breath as much as possible. When you fix the issue, you then don't need to cover it up! :) But we have to remember that beauty isn't just skin deep, it's who YOU are on the inside that really counts (duh..). I just like to put my best face forward! :)

Total spent on products: $65
My review: ***** of ***** stars. I'm thouroughy impressed!
Would I reccomend it? YES!
How to get a catalog? Go online to 
Go to the left hand side and scroll down until you see some products you'd like. If you know an esti who can get some, let them know, or shoot me an email and I will get you in contact with someone!!



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