Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week Shenanigans: Meeting Provo

It was a splendid week, if I do say so myself! Minus a few hiccups at work (my computer is in electrical heaven) it was pretty chill. I really got to dive into Utah this week too, since I had Monday and Tuesday off. We went to Salt Lake and got into all sorts of fun up there! Guys, can I just really quickly talk about the transit system here?? I am IN LOVE. They have actual TRAINS! It's called the Front Runner, and it's pretty much amazing. So I love it. I'm actually going up to Salt Lake today for a hair appointment (more on that later) and will be taking the Front Runner again and am kind of super excited for that. Ok. Rave over. 

I'm in LOVE with these Mountains.

Remember "Elder Checketts" (Ryan)?? He was one of the Elders who gave me the lessons back in MN! He showed us around SLC and it was an overall fun day! Complete with shakes and fries from this awesome place called Hires big H.  Elder Roberts is still on his mission, but it will be a PARTY when he gets off!
random child who would NOT move so
 that I could take a picture...

Salt Lake Temple!

Good Ole' Ryan.

Friday was a gas, starting out with endless French Toast at Kneaders with friends from Arizona, and then volunteering with Elizabeth at the Utah Community Center. It was SO fun. For two hours we sorted cans and chatted with other volunteers. I wouldn't have spent the day any other way!

Later, we celebrated a friend's 20th birthday with a midnight swim party after I got off of work. It was LEGIT! She's actually waiting on a mission call right now! I met her and her sister because they are actually Arianne's cousins. Awesomeness runs in that family. I swear!

The next day was spent working from 11-7, and we are kicking the Easter weekend off just right with the BYU Creamery and another night swim. Ahhh. Life is good in Utah. Then I have a short break from Massage Envy for two days and go back on Wednesday.
Happy Easter everyone!!! #BecauseofHim we are able to have new life!!!



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