Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend Reflections.

As well all know, it's EASTER WEEKEND!!! I love Easter. Not because of the easter bunny or the clearanced candy at Walgreen's, but because of the meaning of Easter. Growing up my family never celebrated Easter with Easter baskets or candy or stuff like that. Our parents didn't buy us presents. What I will always remember though, is them buying us Easter dresses.
Our Easter dresses were our "signature spring look"! From the time we were babies up until we were in about Middle school my parents (and later just my mom) would take us girls to Macy's and get us fancy dresses for Easter Sunday. Some years my Grandma would send them to us in the mail (before she died). They were always pastel, frilly and girly and cute and I absolutely ADORED them. I remember one year when I was like I got a pair of cute white Easter heels from my Grandma to go with my dress and they DIDN'T FIT! I was so bummed. I had to wait an entire year to wear them.

But anyway getting to the point, this Easter I have been overwhelmed with feelings of our Savior. This past year has been amazing for me. I've had many experiences where I have traveled and have had to pass my own expectations. Through it all I know that it was only because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ that I was able to get through the year.

It is so amazing to me to know that because of our Saviour's Atonement we are able to change, to become better versions of ourselves and to eventually become like Him.
I remember a few months ago, during Sacrament Meeting one of my friends gave a talk about the Atonement. She gave a heart wrenching account of an experience that she had years ago, in which she had a close friend who told her that the Atonement didn't apply to her. Somehow she was simply exempt from the blessings that come with it. I could hear the pain in her voice and that at one point she actually believed it.
Aren't we so lucky to know that this isn't true? The Saviour bled from every pore and went through immense pain for us. Just so that we can sin over and over again. And he did it willingly, without complaint. I am so grateful for the Atonement. So thankful.

The Church has come out with an Easter video that is pretty awesome highlighting the life of Christ:

Because of Him, we can change! The victory has been won! My Easter was spent with a friends family, which was super fun, complete with yummy food, a FHE, and these awesome peep cupcakes.

 YUMMO! Also, Sacrament Meeting was this AMAZING program put together by one of the women in the ward. It was pretty great! 

Happy Easter.


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