Friday, March 7, 2014

Hair hair HAIR!

Ok. So I'm pretty much OBSESSED with these Senegalese twists. There are countless hair styles to choose from! It's pretty neat.

I got this cute headband bow from one of my go to stores for cheap accessories: Love Culture. They have the feel of forever 21 in regards to pricing, but their selection is a little bit more "boutique"ish than F21 in my humble opinion. I love their bow headbands and they last forever. I bought one for a dance in High School and still have it (and wear it) to this day. 

The great thing about these twists is that they actually have the potential to help your hair grow, by isolating the hair from damage. As long as your hair stylist doesn't braid them too tight, you're good to go!

I chose a funky looking crown twist in the front, and then a twisty low bun in the back. I'm all about the volume. All about it. 

Like I said I'm loving these twists. They are all about functionality and style. There literally isn't a way that you can wear them without looking uber cute. 

The method I will be using is the "Crown and Glory" method. It combines putting the hair up in protective styles such as braids, twists, or box braids and also leaving it "wild and free"/natural for a week in between. I was introduced to this hair growth method by my friends Gabby and Rochelle. I have envied their Senegalese twists and braids since we were little and they were a huge reason I went ahead and got them! Anywhoo. I'm happy I got them, and there's more styles to come! ALSO. I'm finally starting my vlog, so stay tuned for more info about that!

Peace and love. 


Photo Cred: @lonadine <follow her on Instagram!>

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