Monday, February 24, 2014

AMAZING Cover of "Let it Go"-Alex Boye ft. Lexi Walker

This cover is AMAZING. I found it on Facebook and fell in love (AGAIN). I don't think this song will ever get old. You can also purchase the song on iTunes and Google Play (I believe) Not to mention Alex Boye has a WONDERFUL VOICE!! (DUH.)

On a more extreme note...I can't let this go:

This is what most of the sidewalks and streets look like around here..I hear we are getting MORE snow. It's devastating. Have you ever thought about the fact that we GET RID of TONS and TONS of snow that has the potential to be perfectly healthy to drink when in Africa they desperately need water? I've always wondered if there could possibly be a way to harvest all of that water, filter it and send it to them! Anything's possible right? 

Happy Monday :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

What's up with Marriage??

*DISCLAIMER: I'm obviously not a Psychologist and I don't have a PhD. I'm just super observant. And honest.*

Is it just me or has anyone noticed the extreme obsession we have today with being in a relationship? I thought this would be a great post for after Valentine's day since everyone is still so strung on being single. Don't get me wrong, I think love is GREAT! I love, love! I had the privilege of seeing a few of my own friends get engaged just in the past few months. I think marriage (and being in a healthy relationship in general) is amazing, but is not something to be taken lightly or to be rushed into. I think most of us can agree on that! Today, us girls are so set on getting a ring (or relationship) that we forget to have FUN in life. (sorry about the picture..I had to!)

This is literally what some of us look like sometimes. #8
I was just on Facebook this morning and there was an actual test that you can take (yeah, one of those Facebook ones) to tell you when you should get married based on the median age of which your friends married!! What??!? I know. It's Bananas. I didn't take the test, because I don't have enough married friends and was therefore ineligible (seriously?)! Find it here:

So what is going wrong within our relationships? To really understand the issues, we have to describe the types. By the way, most of these do not describe a typical LDS relationship, but they potentially could.

Facebook relationship:

Those who are quick to get into a relationship and even quicker to post it on Facebook for the world to see. They may not know the person well at all, but they want people to know that they have someone. Of course along with that comes the ridiculous Facebook posts where the girl gushes about how great their guy is. **gag** Hey, don't get me wrong, love is cute. When it's love and not just an attention seeking girl wanting the whole world to know she's in a relationship..


No Relationship. "No time Nancy"

Those who just don't want or need a relationship. Some of us are at this stage, and it is great. For a while. But. If you wait to long to jump into the pool it will never warm up. No one wants to end up alone (I would hope) but some of us recognize that we need time to grow and become better people before we can invest in a relationship. You never want to go into a relationship to "get" and not "give". That's bonkers!Both people in the relationship have to give 100 %. If they both only give 50% it's a sure failure!

Growing up too quick

These people are playing house. You may know a few of them! Their story is short and sweet, and they seem like they have known each other forever when in reality it has only been a few months. Pretty soon they are moving in together (unmarried). Then they begin to see the effects of moving in two quickly with someone you really don't belong with. It seems like they fight over EVERYTHING. Eventually they become that boring YOUNG couple that never goes out with group anymore. lame. Don't be them.

"As if." That's what she's thinking. haha #6

Abusive relationships

Girls who believe they have found the "one" and have settled down but aren't truly happy. Their boyfriend abuses them physically or emotionally and eventually they become numb to the pain. They truly believe there is no other option, and that they actually are in love. The sad part of this is that it is because they don't realize their own individual worth. That's something that we ALL struggle with as women..but in this case it can become dangerous.

Temple ready relationship!!

Both guy and girl start out as friends. Their relationship blossoms, and is full of respect, honesty, trust and happiness. They live the law of chastity,  and prepare for eternal marriage in the temple. It's pretty much your average fairy tale story! It may have its ups and downs but it always turns out in the end!

what radiance! :)

The Law of Chastity helps relationships!

Obviously. But most couples today don't realize this! Hey, whatever works for YOU is your business. I can't judge! But I know from speaking to friends who are happily married, and speaking to friends who aren't married but don't live the law of Chastity, that they wish that they would have waited. I was just talking to someone and we were discussing the fact that there is a shocking number of men who use the phrase "getting some". That single phrase is where our entire generation is confused! You shouldn't be out to GET anything. First of all, that "some" isn't an object, it's a "someone". They might be going through tough times, and maybe even a little vulnerable (most guys consider those the easy targets). A relationship should be about giving! In return you will end up receiving, if both parties are giving. See how that works? Huh.

 At the end of the day, there are always going to be short lived relationships, but there is also the potential for there to be some pretty great one's as well. There are some AMAZING guys out there. Where they are, I don't know! I know girls are getting discouraged today, since the guys in the spotlight aren't the choicest of the bunch. But we have to keep the faith! As members of the Church we hold marriage on a pedestal; who you choose to marry is probably the biggest decision you will have to make, which I think is great. We just need to be aware that we don't need to rush anything!

 That's all folks. Happy dating! (or not!)

#2 One of my fave songs!

#2 :'t+Hurry+Love.jpg

Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Birchbox!!

Hey all!!

QUICK little update on my Birchbox for this month! Wondering what Birchbox is?? You can read about it here! Or go to their website! :)

In my box this month I got some cute stuff, my personal favorite being the body butter by Whish.

I can't really use this..but it's cute anyways. Gift for someone I guess! The perfume smells great!

The white tea looks good! :)

Black NATURAL Mascara! LOVE IT!
has a really yummy smell! :)

all that I got, and the prices 

Overall, I liked this month's box, with a few exceptions :) 


Friday, February 7, 2014

Crazy about the Scentsy Family!!

You guys!! You will not believe what I get to be apart of! Yesterday I attended spring sprint 2014, which is an event for Scentsy consultants and their guests. It was a great day filled with awesome speakers great prizes, and great learning opportunities. I joined the team officially, as well. I had known about the Scentsy family for a little while but I hadn't committed to become a team member. Before you sign up, it's kind of overwhelming and you feel like there's no way possible that you could be successful doing it. At this convention I met numerous people who had the same feelings I had starting out, yet today they are some of the most successful consultants and directors in the industry.

Initially, I had signed up for Grace Adele, which is a company that provides high quality purses and bags as well as accessories. What sets them apart from other companies that provide the same product is that they use a system with their back design called intelligent interior.

 the inside of the bags has specific pockets that allow for other accessories to be used in addition to the purse. It adds a great deal of functionality as well as common sense. What I found is that they would be perfect for sister missionaries as well as new mothers and also just for everyday use!

the PERFECT bag for Sister Missionaries!!
The Kinley! Available spring 2014!
I have one in teal and LOVE it.

Scentsy is the company that started it all. Scentsy sells "wickless" candle warmers. They are much safer than candles an offer variety of different scents. You first get a warming pots which can be customized based on your personal style. There are so many options to choose from! Then you choose your waxes! Right now as I type I am enjoying my new Mochadoodle brick! They're perfect for gifts as well as just fun accessories for your home! Maggie won a new lace warmer yesterday at spring sprint! I got the interchangeable one as well. Here's how it works:

SO EASY. Right?? 

The company also offers Velata, which is their fondue company. You can melt and serve yummy chocolate, cheese and MORE! :) and  It's great for parties or just for every day! I'm hoping to get started on that soon as well! Right now, I'm trying to reach my goal of getting my shooting star award. I'm having a party on Thursday at a local restaurant, in the hopes of helping my friends find some things that they would like. It will be a great night of fun food and friends with prizes as well! More details to come. For now, if you would like to place an order for any grace Adele products or Scentsy products visit my websites:


Grace Adele: