Saturday, January 4, 2014

{DIY}: Tulle Skirt! And some New Years (un)Resolutions

I don't like resolutions. Why you may ask? Because making a few goals for the year (that rarely) get accomplished just doesn't appeal to me. I have things that I find I myself to work on everyday. So Making 5 is pointless.  I would probably have 5 more next week. 
I found this on pinterest,  and I loved it!!

This is a blank version for you to fill out for yourself:

I have a few things that I know I want to change.  A few things that I know would be beneficial.  But like I said I know that list will only grow :)

Enough of all of that!! So for New Year's Eve the YSA Stake had asuper awesome dance. Anyways, I have a glamorous black dress that is to DIE for, but it was WAY too short. Like shirt length short. So I "Mod"ified it! I do this with a lot of my immodest clothing and it ends up being a fun way to save a cute but immodest outfit.  I found this awesome tutorial for making a tulle skirt and tweaked it a little bit! I wanted it to look like this:

via The Parlor Girl

not this:
(which is what you will find a lot if you search online for DIY tulle skirts)
via Google

The reason behind this is simple, I did't want a bazillion slits in my skirt. For little girls, it's fine, but for a 20 year old... not so much. When I finished my tulle skirt using the Parlor Girl's pattern though, it wasn't nearly as puffy enough or dark enough to wear even with a black skirt underneath. So I did some thinking and came up with my own little tweak: Make BOTH skirts, and sew the frilly one (pink skirt pictured above) underneath the one I want to wear. This provides more volume as well as more coverage. 

I won't post the tutorial because the one I linked above is SUPERB and I would butcher any attempt to explain how I did it. But I will let you know what you need for MY version of the skirt: 

-Wide Ribbon (make sure it isn't too stiff!)
-Tulle (I used about 10 yards, but bought 13 to be safe.) It's on sale at Joann's right now!
**The Tulle will most likely come doubled up. DON'T UNFOLD IT. You will thank me later. :)**
-Sewing Machine/Thread/Pins. (The basics).
-PATIENCE. yes. you read that correctly. 

TIPS (not instructions): 

for the "under skirt" tulle skirt, I just used a long strip of tulle, measured it around my waist, and then make a long "tulle skirt ribbon" by knotting long strips of tulle onto the "tulle ribbon" I had made. This is so that I could sew it to the actual skirt later on. As I mentioned above, don't unfold the tulle when making your long tulle ribbon underskirt. Cut them into about 5" wide strips and knot them onto your ribbon until you reach your desired thickness. I ended up putting a black skirt on underneath as well.

Here are some videos so that you can understand what I mean by "tulle ribbon"

This is what my finished product looks like:

I suggest washing it in warm water on the "Delicate" cycle with some soap and fabric softener. This reduces some of the extra puffiness.

that's me on the end with the big puffy thing.
The photographer was HORRIBLE. I apologize for the bad quality.. 

 I hope you all had a Happy New Year's!!


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