Friday, January 17, 2014

30 Days of Curly: Ode to my hair

I was on Pinterest today, and stumbled upon these absolutely gorgeous sketches of naturally curly haired beauties. They were ADORABLE! Okay, small confession: I have an obsession with indie baby stuff on Pinterest. First of all, it's Pinterest so obviously there's going to be a lot of baby stuff on there. I'm obsessed with indie babes!!! They are so hipster and cute! SO when I found a couple of these cute sketches by Coily and Cute, 

(first of all) they gave me ideas of how to decorate my future kiddos' nursery (if I ever have any indie babies of my own), and also made me actually think long and hard about a topic that I have struggled with for a long time: My Hair. 

I call it "My Mop" because of the condition that it's in, but I have been told that I have beautiful hair. When I take care of it, that is. You see, me and my hair, we have a love/hate relationship. I wore braids and twists all throughout elementary school growing up and it was it's healthiest. The kind that you can wear with headbands and put in ponytails, not the cornrows. I don't like cornrows..they hurt. I was forced to try them once in fourth grade and HATED them. Never went back! When I hit middle school I simply HAD to get a relaxer. My mother finally let me do it, and I can honestly say that it was the biggest mistake that I have ever made. To all of the mothers out there raising mixed or African American children, I beg you: DON'T DO IT!
Sorry it's so small!

Once you start, you have to keep it up. It ruined my curl pattern (mine went from 4B to 2A to a frizzy 4C, and now it's getting to a manageable 4A!)

via Google Images
 which I am just now getting back. when I used to "wash and go" my hair used to be cute and curly. Then after my relaxer it got puffy and frizzy. Now, my curl is almost back! I just have to find the right products to keep it from going frizzy after an hour! I haven't gotten a relaxer in almost a year, and my hair completely broke off at the ends and thank God it is now almost completely grown out. I seriously prayed for a long time for that to happen though... and it didn't happen over night. BUT ALAS! When I saw this picture:

Belongs in a black babies' nursery! :)


 I got to thinking.. I don't want my daughter (or any other little black girls that I may influence) to think that their hair (the hair that God has given them) is ugly, unfashionable, or unstylish. It is beautiful just the way it is, and as long as I respect it, it will respect me back. I was always told by my friends what I should do with my hair, and it ultimately ruined it. "Wear it down!" You should straighten it, it would be sooo cute!" Well, I listened to them, and look where it got me! I wish I could have seen my hair now, back then.

 "But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering".
-1 Corinthians 11:15, KJV

Yes. Being black means that my hair is a CONSTANT battle. It takes so much time and effort to get it presentable. You will never leave a hair salon in under 2 hours... don't even try. Some styles take up to 6 hours. That's 6 hours of sitting in a chair, people!!! 

This is how I always feel... 

It means that I can't just "put it up every day and forget about it", because that's what I've been doing and my hair is a HOT mess. But my hair is also a gift. That first picture shows all of the necessities for a black girl's nighttime routine. Most girls who wear their hair natural have their mother braid or twist their hair, and wrap it with a scarf (to prevent breakage) before going to bed. I wear a fashionable bonnet, to prevent breakage. When I have my hair straightened, I do wrap it, which consists of me combing my hair in a circular motion around my head and keeping it in place with a scarf.

But enough about the boring stuff! I presented myself with a challenge. 30 days of Curly. I have to wear my hair natural and flat iron/straightener free for thirty days. This means that I might have to try some new natural hair products (yippee!! I love product reviews!! You all know I'm straight to the point!) and find some new hair styles. I invite anyone else to try it with me as well! If you do, make sure to post pictures on instagram!! Use the hashtag: #30daysofcurly

I agree!
 I will post all of my pictures of styles for the week in a weekly blog post, or maybe every few days. What I'm hoping to get from this is the assurance that I can find cute and stylish natural hairstyles that I actually like. I want to become a "naturalista"!! This trial run will prove if I can do it! I'm hoping that I can obtain that status ;) All you "naturalista's" out there!! What products do you use or love?? I'd love your suggestions! I have also found some great Natural Hair vlogs over the years on YouTube, and will be sharing those as well over the weeks!

Let the hair healthiness begin!


Nat the "Nat"uralista ;) 

Remember! Hashtag: #30daysofcurly

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