Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm back!!!

Well that was a great little break from reality. Of course, I thought that reality WAS me moving to Arizona, working and then eventually going to school. That's not how it happened. I have moved back to Minnesota!! The job market is kind of crummy down in Arizona, so I decided to stop wasting time and money (since I wasn't making any) and move back home!

God has definitely tested my faith. But isn't that what this life is about? Something great would happen, and I'd think: AWESOME! THANKS, GOD! And then things would start to go down hill again. I'd say I was surprised, but I'm not. Because that's how life works! So life (God, really) threw me a curve ball that I took and turned into a new opportunity. So, I'm back at my old job, refreshed from my "Long Vacation" as my friend's are calling it. It's great to be back in my ward, to see my friends and just continue with life. I may be a little bit bummed about having to return home, but I know it's only for the best!

An update on my scripture study: I am ALMOST DONE with the Book of Mormon! It only took me about 9 months.. :0 I could have been finished by now, definitely, if I had been consistent with my scripture study. But of course, things come up or I forget and every now and then I would miss a few weeks. They were always my worst, I can tell you that much! I plan on continuing with Doctrines and Covenants (which I've already started!) and the Pearl of Great Price. Then I will start from the BEGINNING of my Quad (Old Testament) and move on from there for round 2! I'm thinking WAY ahead...so I better slow down. That's just my plan.

Happy Thanksgiving!! (Except not in Canada) :)



I'm a Northern Belle again!

Well, old news is still news!! As of November 18th, I have moved back to chilly Minnesota! I was in Arizona for a WHOLE 2 months. I moved back for a slew of reasons, but the main one being that I couldn't find a job. Like AT all. I applied to about 175 jobs while I was there and got 3 interviews. I know right? Their unemployment rate is so high, which made it next to impossible to find a job. I loved it down there though! I was so involved with activities that I was never bored. There was so much to do, especially since I was living really close to the ASU Campus. The Institute was huge and I loved the classes that I attended there, as well as the teachers. My ward was AMAZING, and my bishopric was SO COOL. Since my Dad is still there and he really wants me to move back, I will definitely be visiting soon. Plus the fact that I pretty much decided last minute not to return to Arizona, as in, I had my ticket and would have left on the plane that morning but decided not to at the last minute..

I made some great friends and had some great times! But I know that I need to "put my shoulder to the wheel" and get serious about enrolling in classes. Enough about the serious stuff though. I will be working at the job I had before I left (thank goodness that they took me back!), and will hopefully find another little gig somewhere too.

I've been slowly re-immersing myself into the Minnesotan way of life, busting out my boots, parka, and hats and starting to crave those wintry drinks from Starbucks, like my personal favorite: Caramel Apple Spice. It's pretty much glorified apple juice, but it's SO GOOD.

Here's what's been happening as of late:

Look what I accomplised with raking/mowing my lawn! (That's not even 1/3 of my lawn. I gave up at this point and took a picture to make myself feel better..) 

Reunited with some of the greatest missionaries! 

Getting into some late night shenanigans at Walmart with Arianne!

I'm also throwing a Lia Sophia Party soon with Danielle, so that should be a hit! :) I'm super excited about that! 

What an excellent Thanksgiving it was; I ate SO much food I will never be hungry again. I'm thankful for so much, it's ridiculous. For instance I'm thankful that I finally received a copy of the ensign in the mail this month and it wasn't "lost" in the mail or never sent. I'm thankful for all of this wonderful weather even though it's cold! I'm just thankful. 

I found these at Byerly's... Needless to say I don't think many have been sold! 

That's all for now though. It's life back to normal for me :)

Happy Thanksgiving! Christmas is right around the corner!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Wow it's been a minute since I posted.

Well I have been so busy down here with living life! I finally got a job, fingers crossed it works out! Then there's the possibility of a second job opportunity for me as well! 

For more exciting news: Elizabeth was baptized last week and DANA IS GETTING BAPTIZED NEXT WEEK!!!! Guys it makes me so happy to share this news. Out of all the people in my ward, if say almost half are converts. We have about 90 in our ward so we are probably one of the smallest in our stake. I just love hearing the conversion stories and learning about people's lives. I have made some incredible new friends here and I'm so glad that I stuck it out. Both of these girls I am actually good friends with so we were pretty excited. I think I get a text from Dana at least once a day with her telling me how excited she is. And I welcome those texts because I'm so excited TOO! Dana is from Fairbanks, Alaska (Shout out to my northern belles!)  and Elizabeth is from the UK, and she's super awesome and HILARIOUS. They both are that's why we get along! :)

We have some new sister missionaries!! When I got here it was so incredibly weird. I hadn't seen any sister missionaries anywhere. Not at the institute or at the church buildings. Just on the street. But we finally got some in our wards at the institute now!! Sister Westfall of Boise, ID, and Hermana Jacobson of Salt Lake City, UT!

Funny story: Hermana Jacobson (on the left there) was friends with one of the missionaries who baptized me in MN before she came on her mission! They went to high school together. Super awesome story. Oh. And both of them were trained by Hermana Marquez whom I received a letter from last week! She's great. 

The institute here is HUMONGOUS, and I have been keeping busy attending insitute classes. I LOVE all of the instructors here. They are truly inspired men of God and I learn so much in their classes. I've had plenty of time to take them too having been unemployed and all!!

Softball update: our team (team C) was creamed in the first round of the tournament by our own ward... So we are out! 

Scripture Study update: I'm in Mormon! So that's pretty neat :)

Yesterday we had an AMAZING devotional with Brad Wilcox at the institute. It was pretty amazing and I got some great quotes. The theme was: don't go bungee jumping without the cord. Think about that one.. Haha 

Overall, life is good! I will definitely post pictures from Dana's baptism and you can expect to hear from her soon!! 

Peace and Love,