Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The little things

A lot has happened this past week. Job interviews, getting a bike and settling into my new city, school meetings etc. let me tell ya: life ain't easy when you move to a new city alone. Don't get me wrong I regret nothing. But it's starting to get a smidge stressful. I did however find one small comfort from home: my Kombucha.

It was something me and my "sisters" were fanatic about. For what reason I don't know why. But I did the unthinkable. I went on Craigslist and found a Scoby for sale ($5). Now before you all go Dr. Phil on me, please know that I use Craigslist a lot. I mean A LOT A LOT. A lot as in I just bought a used bike on Craigslist the other day for $25 and it runs better than mine did at home. TADA! Meet Maxine II.

 Maxine the first went to bike heaven (a used bike store) back in MN. The only sucky think is that there are like NO bike trails in close proximity to me here in the valley, the drivers around here have no respect for bikers and the streets are NOT bike friendly (unless you're on campus). 

Anyways back to my Kombucha Scoby. I missed the stuff. So I found one online and met the kind lady in the parking lot of a convenient store. She was really nice and the Scoby's were healthy! I'm brewing a batch now. We shall see how it turns out.
 My cousin was jealous when I told her I knew how to make it.. I know she was. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to be nice and give her my Scoby when I'm done or not.. Probably not. Anyways, that's what's been up.

Hopefully I will have some exciting news soon...

Until later!


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