Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{Places}: cliff jumping at the Quarry

Today was one of THE BEST days of my entire summer. We took a trip up to St. Cloud for the day and decided to go cliff jumping at the quarry. A few friends from the ward all went up and we just spent the day jumping off 30-foot cliffs, soaking up the sun. 

The quarry we went to (there were a few in the park) was very deep, probably 100 feet. The deepest one in the park reserve is 116 ft deep. They also have diving holes for professional scuba divers. It's a great place. 

The cost to get in was $5 and that was just for parking, so over all, it was a pretty cheap day. It's a nice hike into the water area and there are plenty of picnic tables along the way.

This is what I'm going to miss about Minnesota. Sure, I whine about the cold and humidity ALL THE TIME, but in reality this weather and this state is so beautiful. I leave in 2 weeks for Arizona, and I will be there for at least two years. Today was a great ending to my summer as well as the end to me living here (for now)! 

It was a good day. I would highly recommend taking the entire family out here. We saw cars with license plates from all over the United States. Even if you don't jump off the big cliffs there are tiny ones perfect for elementary age kids, as well as shallow wading areas and shallow water rocks perfect for wading. 

Price Range: $
Age Range: 3-100 (if you can make it that long)

Quarry Reserve, 
Waite Park, 
St. Cloud, MN

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