Saturday, September 14, 2013

goodbyes are never easy

Yesterday is my last full day in Minnesota. It's a bittersweet time for me, but I know that good things are just around the corner. I have spent the majority of the week at the Van Heel house, with my friends. I consider them family, and I am going to miss them the most out of everyone here. I love them because they are the perfect example of the Gospel. I can use the word perfect without second guessing anything because the Gospel is about change. To use the argument that no one is perfect is partly true and partly false.. Aren't we already because we are trying to be like Heavenly Father?

They are, which is why I say that with confidence. I am going to miss everyone here so much..
The friends that I've met in my YSA Ward especially. I have made some lifelong friends there (you know who you are!!) and there's no way I could ever forget them. I had fro-yo one last time with Brittany, and she gave me some wonderful advice as well as this quote "Change happens outside of your comfort zone."

After hearing that it kind of made all my hesitations disappear. I know that me moving is what I need to do for my own well being as well as my spiritual well being. Over dinner with Talise, I was pouting about stupid reasons why I shouldn't leave, when really everything is working out for my good so very well. She told me sort of the same thing, and gave me some excellent advice for my future. It was some really good advice, folks. I'm telling you, that lady is a bucket of knowledge, yours for the taking if you're wise enough to do so. We went to Psycho Suzi's for dinner and I stuffed my face ate some reallllllly good food (I'll leave my recommendations/info at the bottom for you Northern Belles).

As I was packing up my spotless room (THANK YOU Rachel!) I felt even better about my choice. I'm expecting great things to happen while I'm away. I hope to grow and change into a better person, just like the Gospel is already doing right now in my life. Now just pray that I don't kill someone during my 6 hour layover in Denver. I'm not thrilled about that. If they don't have wifi to satisfy my Netflix subscription, I just might be a smidge upset.

Now for my Psycho Suzi's Review: 

It's a Tiki Themed Restaurant, The food was AMAZING, and the atmosphere was chill. If you can, get on the patio because if you do you can get a great view of the Mississippi River. You can't go wrong with any of the appetizers and the pizza is great! 

Price: $$$ out of $$$$$ 


1900 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis, MN
You might want to call for reservations!

My next blog post will be posted from Arizona. I'm going to enjoy the 48° weather here while I can. :)


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