Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Great MN get together! STATE FAIR 2013!

That's right folks, it's time. Time for the STATE FAIR. Minnesotans from all over come together during the 12 days leading up to Labor Day to stuff their faces, walk around in the heat, watch people ride horses and chug endless cups of milk. Why? Excuse me, but is that even a valid question??

Who wouldn't want to eat fried candy bars, munch on sweet Martha's cookies and get heat stroke while doing it? Okay I actually don't like the fried candy bars, I've only tried it once and it wasn't that good. But you catch my drift!! Minnesota is the largest state fair behind Texas, and that's only because they run twice as long as we do. 1,790,497 were in attendance at last years fair in 2012. What a number! There's all sorts of expos and things to do there, rides and concerts (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are gonna be here on the 31st I guess!), and much more. I'm so stoked. 

You can't even believe how excited I am. I even made a list of food I want to eat while I'm here: 

-Fried Cookie Dough
-Sweet Martha's Cookies
-Aussie Potato's
-Nitro Ice Cream

Who's Martha and why is she so sweet?? Because her chocolate chip cookies are awesome, that's why!

Soooo my list is pretty lame. I know. But honestly I vetoed pretty much EVERYTHING on that list. Except for the nitro ice cream and the Aussie potatoes. What's nitro ice cream?? It's ice cream frozen REALLY REALLY fast by using some sort of nitro product. Producing creamy smooth ice cream. It's Delish and totally not good for you. So what have I eaten then?? I got spaghetti and meatball on a stick (meatball with spaghetti in it, then fried in batter and dipped in marinara sauce), then I had a bite of nitro ice cream, I bought a cinnamon roll (and only ate the insides. Obviously.), and a giant thing of pop. Then I was done with pop and refilled it with water. A smarter choice.

And now I'm regretting it.. because I know my stomach is going to be screaming at me tomorrow. It's already whimpering. 

I tried donating blood today, but I didn't have enough Iron AGAIN. I'm O- and they need my blood!!  :( 

Matt got to donate, but I think he secretly felt bad because I was being a nerd and donating at the fair (even though I couldn't, so he volunteered.)

Then he got sick. And thought he was going to pass out. OOPS. 

We saw some pigs getting born today too. That was fun! And a cow who just had a baby calf. It was cute! 

The mama wanted the baby!! But she was going to get milked soon, so I guess they couldn't be together...? 

Overall it was an OK experience. I've had better times at the fair. Maybe because it was SO FLIPPING HOT today and HUMID. 

Have a good night!! 


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