Saturday, August 31, 2013

{Recipe}: Rice Cooker Bread Pudding!

So yesterday was my cheat day. Without a doubt. Honestly the only reason I cheated was because I ran out of food. Soooo I had a whole bunch of wheat. 

This week I made a lot of new wheat free delicacies including GF Chocolate Chip cookies. I brought them to work and NO ONE KNEW. So the recipe, which I tweaked and made pretty much PERFECT is now my go to gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe. I don't think I can even share it. That's how good it is. I will think about that though.

So for the bread pudding! 

I got this mini rice cooker from Macy's for like $11.

 It works swell but I realized that I could also make other yummy things in it. That aren't rice. Now after I made it, I realized that I probably could have made it a lot easier had I used my mini crock pot (that I don't own but really want). So if you have a crock pot, I would highly suggest using that.

I tweaked the recipe because the actual recipe was for a larger serving. You can easily make this recipe gluten free and dairy free. To make a sufficient amount of bread pudding you will need:

• 3 cups cubed bread. I didn't use stale bread but it makes it tastier. 

• 2 eggs

• 1/2 cup of milk. I used whole milk, you can use whatever!

• 1 tsp of vanilla

• 3 dashes of cinnamon

• 1 dash of nutmeg (it called for 1/4 a tsp but I don't like nutmeg. At all.)
• 1/4 cup of sugar

• 1 pat (1 tsp) of butter (melted)

So! Combine all of the wet and dry ingredients and add them to the bread. Make sure all of the bread is moist.

 Don't we all just love that word?? I sure don't! Anyways. Place the bread mixture into your crockpot or rice cooker, and click it down to cook for twenty minutes!

This is why I would suggest using a crock pot. Rice cookers cook based on pressure, and there wasn't enough pressure to make the cooker stay on the cook setting, so it kept turning to warm and un cooking.

After 20 mins of waiting and continuing to check on my puddin' it was done! 

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it.. So yeah! I would add some yummy bread pudding syrup to it, you can find a recipe online most likely.



  1. This is delicious. Thankyou I set it cook and when it went to warm i left it for 20 mins. perfect. Thanks again.

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