Monday, August 5, 2013

It's all about love!

Today I wanted to talk about something I've kind of been avoiding for a while.... LOVE!

Why am I avoiding it might you ask? Because its something that is so important and I feel like for everyone it's different. Nevertheless, it IS something that is so important in our faith so I feel like it needs to be addressed.  I had a friend at work ask me the other day: "what does your church believe about love?"

Now you may think that this was the most random question ever, but it wasn't. We were talking about a sticky situation she was in with her boyfriend (basic boy drama). Boys are a topic we very often discuss at my job, and while I don't mind at all sometimes I just want to shake em' when they complain about certain things their significant other's did or said. For me the solution to some of their problems seems like a no brainer, but for them it just isn't that simple.

Being a member of the church, I know that we believe that love is something so beautiful and should not be taken lightly. That chastity is so important, and that we wait to have sex until we are married (no, this isn't a lesson on chastity).

Because Christ loved us so much and we are able to receive all of the many blessings that Heavenly Father has to offer His children. I think it's amazing that when I find that special person who's perfect for me I get to be with them forever.

Most people just say: "till' death do us part" and forget about the rest. That's why it sickens me so much when I see girls throwing themselves at guys, sleeping with them and seeing no problem with it and then complaining when it doesn't go their way. 
News flash: that guy is going to marry someone who he respects, even if he's not respectable himself.

We make lists of our "perfect guy", but I'm here to tell you: stoppppp! I was told this in sacrament meeting a few weeks ago: if you have a long list of requirements for your future spouse, make sure you can say the same things about yourself. 

Well. That made me erase my list real fast.

A lot of people in the church think nothing of marrying at 20 or 21, heck even 19. I think marriage is awesome, and I wouldn't want to wait either. We have been counseled by Apostles to get married sooner rather than later, and while some people don't, I totally understand why. This world is full of temptation. Sure you can date around all you like, but, when you find that ONE person you know is the one, how are you going to stay chaste with that person for 2+ years? I have never heard of a 7 year engagement in which the couple stayed chaste, and quite frankly I don't think it's natural. With that being said, I've never thought about how quick a "Utah engagement" is. Some go from dating to engaged to married in a matter of months (depending on the couple).

At first when I got baptized, I was like: well I don't care, I'm gonna wait a good 2 years. But then I thought about it and I was like: ummmmm maybe not. Courtney, who was baptized in December had this to say about marriage:

"I truly believe that a temple marriage is the only way to go. I know that a temple marriage brings blessings to a marriage that will maintain it and strengthen it. I know that The Lord will make it clear to you if you are meant to be with someone if you pray and fast for that person. I also believe that remaining chaste will bless your marriage and your future family."

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Bottom line is this: love (and marriage) is so special, and should not be taken for granted. Oh. And my wedding is going to be AWESOME. Best ever. I have it all planned you know. On Pinterest! Now I just need the guy.... :)

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