Friday, August 2, 2013

Good Eats: Pie and Polka Dots

So today I was in the mood for pie. Not ordinary pie, no no. I wanted a creamy strawberry custard pie. So what did I do may you ask? I waltzed er..biked over to Lund's  and got me some pie crust and pie filling. Why pie filling? Why not cut up 2 cups of strawberries yourself, you may ask.

Because I'm lazy and I just wanted my pie and I wanted it now! Just kidding. Mostly. But honestly in my personal opinion strawberries have been tasting pretty tart lately so I went for the can.

So what I did is this: I combined one can of strawberry pie filling (Duncan Hines kind) and my custard ingredients. I could say it was a top secret recipe but that would be a lie. I just have no idea how much of the ingredients I threw in, just that it looked like custard when I was done. 
Here's the ingredients I used though, maybe you can figure it out:

2 eggs
Milk (I'd guess 1/3 cup)
Sugar (yes more sugar, haha) 1/4 cup should be good
Pie crust from pillsbury

Then I combined the pie filling and the Custard mixture in a bowl and mixed it till it was nice and creamy! And that's when I added it to my pre-thawed pillsbury pie crust in my pie glass.

Then I added some for the top, and added a heart for some kicks and giggles. I put it in the oven (set at 400°) for about 45 mins, until it was golden brown. Then I scattered some raw sugar on top to make it look pretty, and badabing!


 I am going to chill it for a few hours in the fridge, because custard pies should be served chilled.

 Of course I did this all while wearing my new vintage polka dot shirt. 

I found this beauty at my favorite local thrift store, Arc's Value Village. I decided to belt it and wear it on my journey to Lund's. I added my polka dot headband to seal the deal.

 I'm basically in love with polka dots and will be wearing this shirt on Sunday with...something? Anywho! I hope everyone has a good weekend!



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