Monday, July 22, 2013

{Recipe}: Gluten Free French Toast

I decided to make something a little interesting for brunch today, something I've had before but never attempted to make myself. Just so we're clear here, I'm not a professional photographer. So, there's your forewarning. 

So! Gluten Free French toast it is. I like to eat GFree as much as possible, so I made a loaf of gluten free bread a couple of weeks ago, and froze it. Now the stuff didn't rise properly, and it was a little too thick for sandwiches, so I decided to use it for something you actually need thick bread for: French Toast. Here's my recipe, I don't know how you make it, but this is what I came up with!


Mine are deformed, but you're going to need: 

A Dash and a Splash of:

So I like to put a little sugar in my egg mixture just to make it sweeter, but you can do without! 


Crack the eggs into a bowl, and add the vanilla (I'm not a huge fan of the stuff so I literally only put a splash in there) and the cinnamon.

Go to town with the cinnamon, I sure do! Some people then add milk or cream, but I don't. Add some butter to your pan, heated at about 5, or Medium. If you go too hot it will burn the outside and leave the inside runny. Trust me this is coming from someone who has ruined many a slices of French toast. 

Let it cook until golden brown on the outside, and then remove from heat.

Scatter some powdered sugar on top and syrup if you so desire. I like to cook up the rest of my cinnamon eggs for a side, which is what I did :) 

So there's my little Brunch!

Enjoy!!! Nat

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