Sunday, July 21, 2013

{Places}: Fro-Yo for Yo

The Fro-Yo Revolution is underway!

Everyone has to admit that they love Frozen Yogurt. If you don't know the difference between it and ice cream, Fro-Yo is a lot creamier, like Culver's Frozen Custard but without all the fat. I would take Fro-Yo over ice cream any day.

With that being said, there have been a shocking amount of self serve, frozen yogurt shops that have been popping up in Minnesota lately. And that's in addition to all the many Ben and Jerry's, Cold stone's and Dairy Queen's we have. After all, their corporate headquarters are located here in Edina, MN. 

Now, us Northern Belles' are used to having ice cream. We live in the land of 10,000 lakes and 10,000,000 cows. Although Alaska is actually the state that consumes the most Ice Cream per year, I'm sure we make it on the list of close seconds. With that being said, all of the little franchises that have been popping up left and right here in MN promising cold, customized Fro-Yo have become somewhat of a lucrative business to get into. Menchies (pictured below), Freeziac, Yogurt Lab, Chilly Billy's, and Pink Berry are all places that I have personally been to (and enjoyed). I make an effort to always make Chilly Billy's my go to Fro-Yo shop, simply because they are locally owned and are not a franchise company. I like to support my local community even if it might cost me an arm or a leg.

Cost. Now that's where things get a little sticky. My first Fro-Yo trip cost me a little more than $8.75 for my one serving. My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I hadn't contemplated just how heavy my concoction had gotten. My second trip was a lot better coming in at around $4.00. It's really all about balance and going easy on the toppings if you try all different flavors of Fro-Yo. My weakness of course is the warmed Nutella. NOM

So if you're in the mood to ditch the McDonalds $1.00 cones and try something exotic, look online for a self serve Fro-Yo shop in your area. I will list the locations for the Greater Twin Cities locations, but the options in your area might be a little more scarce. Just a tip: if you're bringing the kids, monitor their toppings, because you can't go back, and it adds up quickly. It can be a fun and affordable treat for them if they are old enough to understand limits. 

My friends and I frequent the Chilly Billy's sometimes before or after Institute, because it's in Dinky town (college town), and has a coffee shop feel without the coffee :) we can just hang out and talk, and there's always free wifi for the college kids who need to study. Or not.
Couples also could easily take a trip and make a memorable concoction to share!

PRICE: $-$$ (depending on what you get)

Whoever you're with, enjoy!


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