Monday, July 22, 2013

OOTD & Interview with my ladies!

Courtney and Naomi are two girls who are living their faith in an interesting way; they do so by the way they dress. These are some ladies that know how to make the "modest look" look good! I had a chance to sit down with these girls to talk about their personal style and get a little background on how they live their faith. Here's the transcript from our conversation:

So Naomi, tell me a little bit about your personal style?

My style is eccentric; I like to mix a lot of things. I would say my style is vintage meets trendy. I like Vintage clothes because they all have a story behind them. I know that sounds weird but I like memories so I like to think about who was wearing the clothes before me. Sometimes though you will find a lot of vintage clothes that are destroyed so I also like "rebuilt" vintage clothes, like clothes you can get at a store today that look vintage.

Awesome, I totally agree, I love the memories behind the clothes. So what is your favorite store?

If I could be dressed by any store it would be Anthropologie. Of course, I can't afford to wear it all the time, so I swap it around and find alternatives, like Urban Outfitters Sales. Sometimes though it's hard to find modest clothing there so I "modify" it with slips, undershirts and cardigans. Because I trav so much I also like the little boutiques I will find in the areas I go to. I like them because they cater more to my personal style.

How do you live your faith?

The way I present myself. The way I dress represents my relationship with God. My body is a temple and I want to show others and God that I respect that. I'm also really interested in people. I like to get to know them. I think it's part of the Atonement to get to know someone and become invested in their lives.

Yeah, you are definitely a people person. Well thanks Naomi! Now on to you Court. First of all, tell me a little bit about your outfit today. 

I got it at a consignment shop in uptown called everyday people. They have both old and new pieces. I love going to consignment shops because they are really cheap and if you go at the right time you can get and even better deal, like this skirt which I got for $6

How would you describe your personal style?

Definitely hippie/chíc. I have a bohemian edge but I like to keep it classy. I love vintage touches like the collars and lace and belts.

What strides do you take to live your faith?

Like Naomi said it's a huge part of what you do. I like to be engaged in what people are saying and to get to know them better. I also try my best to follow the examples of Christ, by dressing modestly, standing in Holy places and doing what I can to reach out to others as well. 

Well thank you ladies!! We will hear from you again really soon! Can we just note the fact that they are slacklining in skirts?? That's pretty amazing! 

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