Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New app!!!

So has anyone heard of this new app?? It's called Rhonna Designs! It's this awesome photo editing app that I have just about fallen n LOVE with. You can take pictures, quotes or phrases and "layer" them to make a really cool photo! 

My visiting teachers Brittany and Talia were supposed to meet yesterday for our monthly lesson. Unfortunately Talia had to work, but I still got to meet with Brittany! She's awesome. So anyways, you can only guess where we went:


That's right folks, we sat for a half hour talking about the Gospel, things going on in our lives and lots of cool stuff all whilst enjoying a delightful creation made ourselves at Menchies. I'm a huge advocate for frozen yogurt; can't you tell?

So that's the finished product. It's just an example of all that you can do with the app! You should check it out, it's in the App Store. Unfortunately at this time, I believe it's only available for iPhones, but I could be wrong.

Happy "snappin'!" 


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