Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot Hot HOT.

If you haven't noticed already, it's flipping HOT here in Minnesota. People think it's all fun and games and snow, but NO. Just.. No. I don't think people realize that the humidity makes it 200x worse. 

Just get your hair done? It's gonna be jacked up by the end of the day. Have a hot date later and need a "fresh" new style? It ain't gonna last! Forget it. I would take the 118° temps in Phoenix anyway over this. 

How am I staying sane? I don't know. I'm really not so sure. I'm honestly just trying to stay cool. That's all. 

So I'm sitting here waiting for Institute to start and I come across an AMAZING deal on Amazon (I love getting good deals BTW) for a pair of mustache earrings for 39¢. YEP. BOUGHT EM'.

I'm too lazy to post the actual link (you can't do it via the blogger app) but if you search on Amazon for these I'm POSITIVE you will be able to find these gems. 

I mean what can you loose it's 39¢

So that's the highlight in my humid day. 
Tomorrow I work. I am PRAYING I have this sales script memorized and I don't get fired. Hahhahahah... But seriously..

Until next time!


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