Friday, July 12, 2013


I decided, at random, to start a new blog. If you have read my other blog it mainly consists of tips and stories from my little life (go ahead and check it out), but it is very much a "community effort". At least, I want it to be. 

This blog however, will document my personal life. I like to say my life consists of many "squiggly lines". I'm a very interesting character, you know. I have learned that most people just need to read between my squiggly lines to understand me. I have to do the same! 

Right now, I'm trying to read between my squiggly lines to try and figure out what I want to do with my life. I went to college for a semester last spring, and I didn't really like it.. :O 

It's hard to admit that, because our culture as Americans is one that places extreme pressure on our kids to go to college and find a job. Don't get me wrong. I have a job. A great one, actually. Perfect for me and my life, close to home, and possibly something I could get into for a career. So where does college come in? I was at community college here, (didn't like it.) then decided to move to Arizona to go to Mesa Community College, (something got messed up with my enrollment, so that one is out), then ABRACADABRA: "you should go to BYU in the winter with me!!! Then we can all go together and be friends." This, coming from multiple friends of mine.
*face palm*

What do I do??!?? I'm so confused right now it's insane. OH OH. Lest we forget, I have been really praying about whether or not I should serve a mission next year. I really want to. A lot. But that's another thing that's going to put a major dent in my "career life" 

I think about that, and then I realize that this life is so short. I know that those 2 years will be the most important of my life. Therefore I don't rightly know why I get so anxious about committing. Probably because the parentals think it's just another "idea". Which it isn't! I'm about 93% sure I will serve a mission next year. I guess the rest of my life's decisions will have to be made after. Because let's face it, with me you never know. :)

Picture below: a joke we played on one of the missionaries in our ward. Why yes. That is indeed green jello. Until next time friends! 

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