Sunday, July 7, 2013

Did you think to pray?

I love this hymn. I love it because it's pretty and it makes me feel good. But also because I know that it's words ring true..

I have always known of the power of prayer. As a new member of the church, that knowledge was heightened immensely. 

I stopped saying my nightly prayers right around the same time that we stopped doing home stays with my dad on the weekend. We always had nightly prayer with him, and even after we stopped staying over, he would always ask me if I was saying my prayers. I started to lie to him, because let's face it, it was just easier that way. And I didn't start praying daily (morning and night) again until I joined the church. Sure I prayed. All the time. Just little things throughout the day, you know. But I vividly remember the day the Elders asked me if I would pray when I woke up and before I went to bed. I agreed of course, but didn't realize how important it was to remember... 

I also didn't realize how easy it was to forget. Sure, I would remember like an hour AFTER I woke up on the bus doing my scripture study on my phone. But for some reason, I would forget to partake in the reverent prayer that Heavenly Father deserves. It was only recently, sleeping over with my neighbors (which I actually do a lot) that I realized how dedicated you should be with your prayer life. I had women up early, apparently so had my friend. She was knelt in front of her bed praying, and at first I was like what is she doing?? Then I got it. And I felt weird for watching so I turned the other way.. :o

Anyway! That was one of the moments where I realized how important it is to give God that time. He really doesn't ask for much. It also helps that later that day the Elders stopped by and talked about prayer. 

So I've been changing! Slowly! Getting better at praying for starters. This gospel is all about changing, right??

So the real story, long into short, is that yesterday we were attending some Fourth of July festivities. It was packed in the parked we were at. I'm talking about thousands of people. So it's 10:30 at night, and it literally took us an HOUR to get out of the grocery store parking lot we had decided to park at. Before getting out though, we waited for my friend to find us. Let me tell you it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It was hot, it was dark and it was busy. We were asked if we needed prayer by some passerby's and I said, very non chalant, "yeah. That we find our ride..."

So we thought: let's pray.

So we all started praying in the cub parking lot. And what do you know? Here comes Rachel. Not only was this the Holy Ghost who inspired us (why else would we all think to pray at once??) but we actually decided to act on those promptings. It was a great lesson for me about prayer!

I know that Heavenly Father answers prayer. I know that he not only hears our prayers but that he wants things to work out for us!


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