Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's not faith if there's fear..

I absolutely love this quote. If you're afraid of something, how are you showing faith that you can overcome it? EXACTLY. 

So this last Wednesday my best friends and I (including a friend of my friends, Matt) decided to go for a midnight swim in the huge lake down the road. Yes it was 12:00 AM, yes we had never done it, and yes we were all a little sketched out (which is why we called Matt to see if he wanted to come with us...we needed a manly man. Haha.) but we were still determined to do it. It was on our summer to do list after all. 

So here I am with my best friends (sisters, really. The three of them are ACTUAL sisters, I'm just the extra musketeer. But I'm their sister, and they are mine. And I love em'!) and we are going over safety rules as we are sitting in the parking lot of the beach. Keep in mind that it's pitch black out and the two cars parked nearby may or may not contain suburban couples engaging in questionable public behavior :o

ANYWAYS. We were all kind of scared. But we said a prayer, and we knew the Holy Ghost was with us. So we had an amazing time! 

This was before the turn of events of this week. My Arizona plans fell through, my parents are going through a legal issue, and I am quitting my job, applied and got a new job. PHEW. Heavenly Father really helped me out this week. I think I take it for granted that I have a loving Heavenly Father who will NEVER leave me or forsake me, and that by living according to His son, Jesus Christ I cannot fail ( VERY loosely translated from *Helaman 5:12. My ultimate fave scripture in the Book of Mormon.)

I have felt a constant peace this week. And I truly know why. What has Heavenly Father done for you lately? Sometimes we have to sit back and sift through our good days and just know and understand that it was God. 

Side note: FEED YOUR WARD MISSIONARIES! All of em!!!
Today I fed the missionaries with my bestie, Rachel.. They had never been to smash burger before so we HAD to go! OBVI. It was very impromptu but that's just how we roll. The conversation went like this: ELDER1: Carl's Jr. Is great, they have em in MN you know. 
Me: EWWWW! GROSS. No. Smash Burger is where it's at. 
ELDER2: What's that? 
Rachel: you've never been there before
Me: we will take you one day!!
Both ELDERS: well we're hungry, so let's go now! Where is it? We want to go.

And this is how we came about dining at the lovely smash burger establishment. They do SO much, and are so humble. We just like to show em how much we love em! They are some of our greatest friends.

Well, 'tis all.

Have a good sabbath, y'all!

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