Monday, June 17, 2013

AW SNAP! Mission President's fireside is tonight!

Can I just say how much I love the Mission President's firesides? The mission president for the area is President Clements. He is literally the nicest person ever, all of the missionaries love him, and also his wife Sister Clements. She is so sweet! I was just talking to a friend though, about how I feel like I never have people to bring to church or even the firesides.

It really bums me out, ya know?! I feel like people want to come, and then I invite them, and then they DON'T SHOW UP :( it's a real downer. But we can't help what other people do, and I know that. So on Sunday, I went to our special stake conference, where we had the presiding Bishop speak. Elder Holland was here in MN speaking but I couldn't make it to hear him talk THIS TIME. I was super bummed about that one. I went to the conference, where Brittany (yes visiting teacher Brittany) gave talk. to the ENTIRE ST. PAUL STAKE. I was so amazed. She is amazing! I then proceeded with my great friend Xazmine from the blog to the fireside, where I talked about my conversion. EEEK. If you've never given a talk a before let me tell you: you have nothing to worry about. I have learned (and been told) that if you just let the spirit guide you, whatever you say will make sense. This is so true. I mean, I had 3 hours notice and I think I did OK. THANK YOU Holy Ghost! I realize that when you give talks there's always someone there who benefits personally from it. That's why even though you may be uncomfortable, step out of your comfort zone for the people who need to hear what you have to say. 

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