Monday, June 17, 2013

50 Things to do on the sabbath!

I remember the first time the missionaries told me about the sabbath and the promises we make with God to honor this day. Their question was if I was usually busy on Sundays. I replied with: well... My extended family always buys season tickets for the Vikings, and sometimes I go to those games, my favorite store has 99¢ day on Sundays, and everybody goes out to eat after church of course. Of course? Not so much! Albeit it was a difficult change at first, now it is so easy for me. 

I'm normally with my friends all day Sunday, and they are members so we always find something fun to do after church. BUT. My mom grocery shops on Sunday so it kind of stinks because now I have to go on my own time. So! What's there to do?? There's a list that I found, courtesy of Doug Fairbourn of "50 Instant Sabbath Day Activitites". I just thought I would rattle off some of the ones that I can actually see myself doing:

•Write letters to missionaries~ P-day is on Monday so if you are writing a letter via DearElder, it's perfect!

•visit someone 
•plan FHE (if you are doing it with your family)
•watch a church video
•read the scriptures (that includes conference talks and articles from the ensign or another church magazine addition to the standard works!)
•review your food storage (I have an update on that one coming real soon.)
•take a short nap- I know we've passed out on the couch (or floor if we're just that tired) at my friends house more than a few times after church, especially if there was a potluck!
•engage in uplifting conversation/encourage someone in need.
•practice a hymn on a favorite instrument
(I'm teaching myself piano now with the hymn books! It's quite fun)
•work on family history
•have a private testimony meeting or fireside. (I like that idea!)
•make thank you cards for ward members who have helped you out recently
•take notes at meetings
•review your patriarchal blessing (I haven't gotten mine yet but very soon I shall!!!)
•memorize an article of faith (I've been trying to do this.)
•write down a testimony you recently received.

So there's a condensed version of the list. I would love to hear what other people do so I can get more ideas! ALSO  I have a few new bloggers, so be excited! 

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