Thursday, May 16, 2013

Making time for Daily Scripture Study

We all know that Scripture study is something that is SO important for our continual spiritual growth. Everyone can benefit from daily scripture study, and I know that the Prophet encourages us to do so. I was told that daily scripture study before the day begins will make all the difference in the world in regards to how your day goes. When I first started learning about the Church and it's teachings, I would read my scriptures every day. I even downloaded the LDS Gospel Library app on my iPhone, and Kindle Fire so I would always have it with me, and have NO excuses not to read it.

Then, I got lazy. I started working morning shifts at work (7:00 am-3:15 pm), and I was simply TOO tired to study the scriptures in the mornings. By the time the afternoon rolled around, I had other plans with friends and had completely forgotten about it. Look. We've all been there. I'm not proud of it, but I'm not going to lie either (I'm completely honest on this blog. Otherwise it would be pointless) because we all need to realize that we can become better at studying our Scriptures.

The way I look at it is this: Heavenly Father gave us the amazing gift of the Restored Gospel, Joseph Smith and many others fought (and died) to bring it to the world, and I can't find time to sit down and study my scriptures for 30 minutes?? When you think about it like that, it sounds selfish doesn't it? I think so..

I love this Gospel, and I love the Teachings. I honestly don't know why I can't just take that half hour and ponder/study the scriptures. It's for my own good after all! My goal is to start studying the scriptures EVERY morning, even if I don't think I have the time. I always pray, every morning, but the scriptures are what I need to focus on.

Now. Let me share a little bit about MY scriptures!

                                                                 So pretty! Right??

I received my Scripture Quad from the Missionaries who taught me. I was going to buy them myself (they are kind of spend-y!) when I got my next paycheck (yes, I'm a broke college student) but they said not to. I was confused until they started asking me how to spell my middle name and what color I wanted.. That's when I caught on. So with the help of my WONDERFUL Relief Society President in my Ward, Talise, the Elders gave me my scriptures a couple of weeks after my Baptism. It was the GREATEST gift I have every received other than the lessons themselves.

My case is cute too. My friend Natalie (yes we have matching names!) had a Vera Bradley scripture case, and I LOVED IT. But when I went to the Vera Bradley store to try and find one at the Mall of America, I couldn't find one that I really liked. So I went to the Christian Bookstore near my house and just bought one there that I had seen a few months ago and had liked. I like it! People say that it matches my personality.. I would have to agree with them. Nevertheless, the case isn't what is important. What's inside is. I do know that, I just think it can look cute too!

The least you need to know/tips:

1. Everyone struggles with (or has in the past) being consistent with scripture study. 

2. Making scripture study a priority will bless your daily life.

3. Find a study buddy who will hold you accountable!

4. has great scriptures and totes, but's store has the same items for MUCH cheaper. DB is for profit, so naturally they are going to bump up the price.

Carry on, new Saints! Carry on! You can do it!!

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