Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dirty looks in Sacrament meeting... Yikes

So. Today during sacrament meeting we (my row) were getting ready to pass the sacrament. To my surprise, the person closest to me on my left was THREE CHAIRS DOWN. I stood up, as gracefully as I could to pass the bread tray:

As I was doing so, my foot caught the edge of the metal chair leg the chairs in my ward are comprised of. Yikes. It made this loud clanging sound, and I was mortified. It would have gone much smoother if the person next to me had gotten up to meet me halfway or at least moved closer.. But no. That's not the way things worked out! 

For those of you that don't know, I'm extremely clumsy. The floor and I have become great friends over the years; in part because of the preventative measures I take to stay close to the ground, and also because I just fall a lot. Sadly, I ended up interrupting sacrament meeting, immediately looking down and taking my seat, praying that no one in the Bishopric was looking my way. So there it is! My embarrassment for the day. At least I didn't do anything embarrassing like spill the sacrament water on myself while I attempted to take the whole teaspoon of a sip out out of the little cup. it happened numerous times, and thats when I realized I just have to go for the two handed sip. It's easier that way, you know. :)

 Do you have any embarrassing church meeting stories??? I would love to hear them! Comment below!! 

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